5 Ways It’s Like Battle Royale (And 5 Ways It’s Completely Different)

When Netflix released its latest South Korean hit, squid gamesome fans have seen several similarities to the films of the battle royale franchise. battle royale adapted the fan-favorite manga series by Koushun Takami and Masayuki Taguchi, itself adapted from Takami’s novel. battle royale also inspired blockbuster movies like The hunger Games and video games like Fortnite.

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Although there are some similarities between squid game and battle royalethere are just as many critical differences that separate Netflix’s success from the manga and film which was first adapted in 2000.

ten Related: Both feature a game that can only be won if the other contestants are killed

Both squid game and battle royale featured groups of people forced to play a game for survival, though these games were quite different. The competitors of squid game played a series of children’s games with deadly twists that reduced the number of players, especially when they started to arm themselves.

battle royale took out a number of players with some sort of weapon or tool to fight to the death until an eventual victor could be crowned. The games themselves weren’t similar, though they both shared the same fatal stakes.

9 Different: Battle Royale targeted reluctant school kids instead of desperate adults

The deadly class of Battle Royale students

The competitors in squid game were all desperate and financially challenged adults of different age groups. Most were drawn into the deadly game due to the promise of a big cash prize.

Or battle royale differs greatly is the player base. The game focuses on using young students in an entire class who are thrown into a violent and deadly war with each other. Although the risk of death is the same, battle royalethe focus of the on unhappy children sets it apart from squid game.

8 Related: The two brutal games were watched by a group of spectators

Squid Game - VIPS

What made the games in both properties particularly dark was the fact that they were both viewed by viewers as a form of entertainment. battle royale was a nationally televised event that families at home watched together, year after year awaiting each new season.

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squid game featured a more exclusive demographic as it was seen only by a wealthy elite group who ran the games for their personal enjoyment. There may have been a larger viewership, given the scale of the operation, but the series only focused on the VIPs in charge.

seven Different: The Squid game was a private event that no one knew anything about

Guards walking through crowds of competitors in Netflix's Squid Game show

While battle royale was an event that operated in the public eye, that drove both fans and protesters of the dangerous “sport”, squid gameThe operation was a closely guarded secret. It was privately funded and run in strict secrecy on a camouflaged private island to disguise the real arena.

The contestants in the games were all told to play without knowing the truth of the stakes and moved around the island in secret to hide the events from the authorities. squid gamethe secretive nature of it definitely separates it from the widely seen TV show in battle royale.

6 Related: Competitors were eliminated before waking up in games

Students passed out on a bus in Battle Royale

An interesting similarity shared between squid game and battle royale is the method used by the organizers of each game to bring competitors into the arena of the game. Players are first gassed unconscious before being rounded up and moved around.

The players were picked up by a van at squid game before being gassed and moved to their new living and playing space on a secret private island. The school class chosen for the program of battle royale was on a school outing when they were knocked out and transferred to a classroom on the island where they were educated on the rules of the game.

5 Different: Battle Royale was a deadly shrunken map free for all

squid game was a fairly orderly setup that followed strict schedules. They played a number of heavily organized children’s games that were designed to lead to death and reduce player count. battle royale was a crazy game for everyone on an island that featured rotating no-go zones that could also lead to death.

This constantly caused most competitors to flee, both because of the small map size and the ever-present threat of other players trying to kill you. squid game was based on the rules and fair play, while battle royale gave players a weapon and told them to survive any way they could.

4 Related: The two groups fought or played games in matching uniforms

Battle Royale class photo

When the players of squid game first awoke in their bed at the arena where they were playing the various children’s games, they discovered that they had all been dressed in the same jumpsuit which also had their player number on it. battle royale also saw its contestants dressed in matching uniforms, although the school class all wore the same outfit before being brought to the island.

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However, there were various differences between each student’s outfits based on their own personality and style, which made certain characters stand out. In contrast, squid gameOutfits deliberately created high uniformity among players.

3 Different: Squid game contestants were given the opportunity to leave

Buttons used for voting in Squid Game

Another major difference between players of squid game and battle royale is that one group chose to play the games while the other was forced to play for their lives. adults desperate to squid game were all given the power to end the games at any time if the majority of them voted to leave, although even after a vote led to the game being canceled many players still returned.

The class of children battle royale were unknowingly caught and forced to fight in-game using collars around their necks that could be set off by in-game operators or if unexpectedly found in a no-go area.

2 Related: Competitors have teamed up to form survival groups

The competitors of both squid game and battle royale may have all started the game playing alone, although both groups of players have started to form groups and make allies to better protect themselves in hopes of making it to the end. The teams formed in squid game both in games and back in camp in order to defend against other players at night.

The class of battle royale were school friends for years before being forced to kill each other, which saw a number of them become separated from other close friends as they tried to survive in different ways on the island. Unfortunately, given the nature of both games, these groups and alliances have been both trivial and unfortunate in most cases.

1 Different: Battle Royale was sanctioned and run by the government

Kitano and the Battle Royale Army

One of the driving stories in squid game followed a policeman who discovered the existence of the games. He tried to infiltrate the games to find out more so he could expose the operation and the wealthy figures who ran it to the authorities.

battle royaleThe murderous game show was sanctioned by the government as a form of population control. The game show aspect of The Program was created to embark audiences on a dark and grim future society that left players with little hope.

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