8 Beginner Tips for Kirby’s Dream Buffet Battle Royale Mode

The Kirby The franchise has never been about creating immersive narratives that fans can sink their teeth into. The main games in the series, like this year’s Kirby and the Forgotten Land, have stories but they are not that important. Thus, when creating Kirby’s Dream BuffetNintendo chose to keep things simple and focus on gameplay.

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Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a multiplayer gaming experience, both online and offline, that puts a new spin on the Battle Royale formula. As basic as the idea is, there are complex strategies players can use to get to number one more easily. Let’s dive in and sort out these tactics.


8 It’s a race, treat it like one

The main gameplay hook of Kirby’s Dream Buffet has players racing on linear tracks. It’s like another popular racing series under the Nintendo umbrella, Mario Kart, except with runners that look like round balls. There are food stops along the way to grow bigger, but the finish line has three giant deserts waiting for players at the end.

First place will reward them with fifty strawberries on the regular. Eating food along the way is a good strategy, but finishing first is very important to really enjoy this giant leap in front of everyone.

seven Let other players break down walls

There will be cookie barriers popping up in the levels. There are two ways to get through them, the first using brute force. Once this wall is broken, there will be a slight delay due to recoil before players can pass and continue racing. Breaking the wall will give other players a chance to get ahead. However, a wise runner would hang back and let their opponents break the wall instead.

The other way is to use the jelly or drill power-ups which can allow players to go under the wall or slip through the cracks.

6 Avoid creams and sauces

There are various hazards set up in the levels to slow down players, which is common for racing games. These obstacles may be familiar from the aforementioned walls to giant holes. There are also unorthodox obstacles like butter on pancakes or waffles.

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Slipping in butter will be like having a car stuck in mud and the same goes for other creams and sauces like chocolate. As good as the food looks, don’t hire it.

5 Save your bonuses

There are several power-ups that players can use to even out the playing field in Kirby’s Dream Buffet. There were the two previously mentioned power-ups of Drill and Jelly which are more for traversal purposes. There are also more offensive ones like a chili pepper that will set Kirby on fire.

Falling on an opponent while they are on fire will inflict damage and cause them to deviate from their path. The spin attack is also a good power-up to have. Once a power-up is acquired, only save it for emergencies, like when someone tries to pass. This is also good advice for other fancy racers like Mario Kart.

4 take shortcuts

The best way to win a race in a video game or in real life is to take shortcuts. The most dangerous routes Kirby’s Dream Buffet are the best. If the path is narrow and avoids obstacles, take it even if the risk of falling into a hole is high. Luckily, Kirby can still float if that happens.

Using holes to bypass crowded lanes is also a good strategy. Floating will slow Kirby’s speed considerably, but if there are small gaps, it’s almost worth jumping into a pit. The general advice is to think on the fly and experiment with each level of the game.

3 Make yourself a distinct appearance

For a Battle Royale game, the number of players is considerably less than other games in the market like Fortnite. Only four human racers can participate in an online match and the same goes for local gameplay.

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Even if that’s the case, it can still be difficult to keep track of your Kirby, which is why it’s important to give it a distinct look. Add some color to it or throw on a hat. There will also be AI opponents joining the race to further confuse the race, making customization even more important.

2 Train with difficulties

These are all tips to help players win big in the main Battle Royale mode. Testing the merits against other opponents live is great, but so is practicing with the solo options. Players can participate in full relays like in multiplayer or they can tackle individual segments of the mini-game race portion.

There are also four difficulties that players can choose between. Start on the hardest difficulty as this should give players a real test of what to expect in an official match.

1 Test the powers

There is another more open option to practice also through the free roaming area. Here, players can master controlling Kirby, which is not as difficult as other spinoffs in the series. The controls are tight, which is surprising considering Kirby’s alternate form.

The coolest part about this place is that every power-up in Kirby’s Dream Buffet is counted. This is a great opportunity to test the limits of each power in the environment. Knowing what each power-up does before a run is a good advantage to have over opponents who may not realize all the abilities of the power-ups they find.

Kirby’s Dream Buffetwas released on August 17, 2022 and is available on Switch.

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