A Halo Infinite Battle Royale would be fun

Since its surprise early release in November, Infinite halo has proven to be one of the best multiplayer shooters of recent years. Its mechanics are tight and fresh, the matches are fun, and it looks like, aside from issues with progressing his fight passes, fans are having fun with multiplayer. There have already been many suggestions for what game modes 343 Industries should add next, but the obvious choice is that the game includes a battle royale.

This is not a new suggestion because Infinite halo the leaks seemed to suggest that a battle royale mode would be part of the game. However, 343 Industries has since doubled down on the fact that the game will not include one. This was met with a mixed reception from fans, as some praised the choice to stay away from the game’s hottest trend while others hoped to see what Halo the mechanics would be like in an elimination shooter. While the current list of matchmaking games is excellent, it looks like Infinite halo would also make a very good battle royale.


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Halo Infinite Battle Royale Mechanics


It sounds simple enough, but the mechanics of a Halo battle royale are all already here in the game’s current multiplayer. The popular game mode starts out quite similar to most games. Infinite halo Game Modes: Players start with very little and must explore the map around them to acquire more powerful loot.

In a Halo battle royale, the loot should be a bit better balanced so players can’t immediately find rocket launchers and energy swords, but other than that most mechanics would make easy transitions from Infinite halocurrent modes to a BR. The game already has a diverse loot pool that players can find, from grenades and guns to other gear.

The main thing missing from Infinite halo which is present in most of the other Royal Battles is a loot upgrade system. For example, there is only one scope for the Sniper Rifle, and shields cannot be upgraded apart from using an overshield. That said, the simplicity of the weaponry is sort of Halo‘s charm and could still make for some interesting gameplay, as it has since Infinite halomultiplayer launch of.

The sandbox of Infinite haloMultiplayer has already proven to be one of the best multiplayer experiences of recent years due to the seemingly limitless play possibilities presented by its mechanics and loot, so a battle royale would fit right into that sandbox. The mechanics are proven, the demand is there, hopefully 343 Industries can see that a battle royale might be worth its time in the long run for the life of the game.

Halo Infinite could be the next big battle royale

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There is a great thing that opposes a Infinite halo battle royale, however; the competition. While still very popular, Battle Royale games aren’t released with the same frequency as they once were due to their size. Fortnite, Call of Duty War Zone, and Apex Legends became. It seems unlikely that a new game will enter this space, however, if any franchise can do that, it’s Halo.

Additionally, while it would likely use rule sets similar to those found in the genre’s biggest games, a Infinite halo battle royale might stand out due to its unique mechanics compared to those of Fortnite, Call of Duty War Zone, and Apex Legends. Many studios are moving away from creating Battle Royales, but 343 Industries has proven it can handle great multiplayer, so adding a battle royale to the mix could be the next big thing for the. Halo franchise.

Infinite halo is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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