All content leaked, spoiler warning!


Fortnite Chapter 3 will launch anytime now, and we’re taking a look at what can be included in its Battle Pass. Every season we get at least 100 levels of content available for a few V-Bucks.

Last season we got lots of new NPCs and the Battle Pass was titled by Carnage! Who could be up for grabs in Chapter 3? We will take a look.

Latest – All content has been disclosed

@iFireMonkey provided a detailed Battle Pass trailer showing each reward, including bonus levels and the special Foundation section.

It really looks like an amazing Battle Pass and we can’t wait to start unlocking all of these items!

Jonesy skin from prison coming?

A recent piece of art published by Donald Mustard suggests that a new Jonesy skin may be on the way in the Battle Pass for Chapter 3, Season 1. As he discusses his love for the character of Agest Jones, he has finished the video with a quick preview of never-before-seen skin.

Season 8 Battle Pass XP Bonus

Thanks to Chapter 2, with Season 8 ending one day earlier than expected, Battle Pass owners will now receive additional XP to compensate.

The amount should be around 225,000 XP, which is enough for a few Battle Pass levels!

Chapter 3 NPC Battle Pass

We expect a few popular NPCs to return to the game, such as Peely and Jonesy. With a brand new chapter, new faces will definitely be joining the game and we can expect them to be available in all levels of the Battle Pass as well.

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We see no reason for Epic to change the Battle Pass format again, leading us to believe we’ll continue with the current star method of unlocking content. Each level unlocks when you’ve unlocked a certain amount of previous content, with the main skin for each level requiring all content in their level to be unlocked first.


It’s been a while since Spider-Man was first announced on Fortnite, but it could finally happen. Leaks have increased in recent times and @FNBRintel, who first correctly predicted the arrival of Wonder Woman, now makes the same claim for Spider-Man.

It’s possible, however, that Spider-Man might not be a Battle Pass skin. It could come up with its own take on the mug and item store like a lot of other Marvel / DC offerings. In this case, we would like Goku to be chosen as the title skin.

Its arrival has also been rumored for a long time and it would be an absolute mic drop moment if it made its way into the game as part of the Battle Pass for Chapter 3.


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