Announcing the first free line of Intel-Gathering Battle Royale Ghost Recon

Ubisoft announced Phantom reconnaissance front line; a free battle royale game during the Ghost recognition 20th anniversary showcase.

Phantom reconnaissance front line coming soon to Windows PC (via Ubisoft Connect), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Cross-play will be supported on all platforms, and a closed test will run from October 14-21 for PC gamers in Europe. Players can register for the full game through the official website here.

The main mode, Expedition, loads over 100 players in teams of three with information gathering on Drakemoor Island. “There is no fight to be the last team standing, and no endless circle “ Ubisoft State.

Players collect information by finding three drones and hacking them. Once you have enough information, you can request an extraction at one of the three helipads; at this point, all other teams are notified that an extraction is about to occur. In addition to preventing players from winning, any team that captures the helipad to escape will be one of the two winning teams.

Players can choose from multiple classes, upgrade them to suit their playstyle, and even trade them in mid-game. The first closed test will have three; Assault, support and scout.

Associate Producer Taina-Gabriela Ionita and Creative Director Bogdan Bridinel further explained that in addition to scouring the map for gear, players can earn Demand Points from laptops and defeat enemies. to purchase it through the TAC Support Tool.

Players can also end up creating their own self-imposed objectives, such as going to the radio station to bring back a friend (via defeated enemy ID tags or requisition points), crouch and defend themselves while hacking a drone or seeking to steal or stop someone else’s hard work.

In addition to voice chat, players can use the communication system to indicate many events, items and intentions to their teammates with just a few buttons. “Players will be able to point out enemy locations, positions on the map where the team needs to assemble, highlight loot locations to help their teammates, highlight items they need in their inventory, or just ask. help when they are ashore and need assistance. “

The other mode is the control mode (also arriving at the closed test). Two teams of nine fight for control of an area; designed for faster gameplay, but with the tools and weapons from the main game.

The game will also support vehicles and customize them through the Battle Pass and the Ubisoft Store. Weapons in TAC support can also be customized as desired. Starting with two contractors, players can acquire more, with weapons unlocked by playing and upgrades for attachments and paintings. In addition to the Battle Pass, there will also be weekly missions.

However, at the time of writing, the reaction to the new game seems poor. The trailer, which you can find below, currently has an almost equal like / like ratio (2,200 likes versus 2,600 dislikes).

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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