Apex Legends Introduces Chronicle Story Quests to Public Battle Royale Matches

But how am I going to follow the story with all these people shooting me?


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Starting today, Respawn introduces a new way to Apex Legends players to experience the story of the popular battle royale in-game. The new Apex Chronicles add new challenges and small quests that take place in public matches and follow a short story for an individual legend, while also rewarding players with stars and battle pass cosmetics.

Described as “bite-sized story events,” these chronicles will ask players to choose a specific legend, embark on an unranked public match, and follow a path that leads to various story rhythms. for the current chapter. More chapters will unlock over time resulting in a longer questline for the featured legend. The first story, “Old Ways, New Blood,” follows Bloodhound as he attempts to save an injured ranger and can be triggered by finding a White Crow on World’s Edge.


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The folks at Respawn have also taken steps to ensure that the experience of trying to complete and enjoy Bloodhound’s story in the middle of a war zone isn’t frustrating unholy. On the one hand, all Bloodhound players in the game will be given separate paths to follow for the quest, meaning that you are very unlikely to meet and kill each other on your journey. If you’re still unlucky enough to die before you complete the Chronicle, you’ll be able to continue from a checkpoint in the next match.

Completing the Chronicle rewards you with a variety of Bloodhound-themed Apex Packs as well as Battle Pass Stars for completing each individual chapter. In short, it’s a way of injecting the standard gameplay of Apex Legends with the tradition of legends and the world around them, but that raises some questions. In particular, it remains to be seen how players will end up ignoring typical battle royale objectives in favor of their own little adventures.

More chronicles will come out over time highlighting other legends and maps. This is a welcome addition given the lack of comics in the game and an overall quest for Season 10. Apex Chronicles is out now.

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