‘Apex Legends’ is ‘The Most Competitive Battle Royale,’ Says Dr Disrespect—What Gives?

Dr Disrespect is a massive name in shooter video gaming streaming through YouTube, and he’s been known to voice his opinions on a game regarding his experience and elements. With that, the YouTuber recently praised Electronic Arts’ “Apex Legends,” and here he put a huge word on the game as “The Most Competitive Battle Royale” in the industry.

‘Apex Legends’ is ‘the most competitive battle royale’, says Dr Disrespect

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JULY 10: Dr DisRespect attends the 2019 ESPYs at Microsoft Theater on July 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

Dr Disrespect’s recent stream talked about the famous title and hailed it as “the most competitive Battle Royale” available in the current industry for action shooters. He then went on to praise his group of developers who are working on the game and delivering their experiences and new offerings for its progress as a shooter.

The game’s streamer also claimed that the game is “constantly evolving” and puts players in a position where they have to be skilled in every title engagement despite their skill level.

According cartoon gameDr Disrespect doesn’t think the game is “going away,” a question a member of the public posed to the YouTuber.

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What makes Apex Legends a good Battle Royale game?

The content creator claimed that “Apex Legends” has a certain systematic approach to its ranked experience that doesn’t bring any “wild engagement” to audiences. Dr. Disrespect said it was fun to watch, but it didn’t give content creators a lot of opportunities for streaming and video content for their audience.

“Apex Legends” and Dr. Disrespect

“Apex Legends” is one of the most famous battle royale titles available in the world today, and has become the most streamed battle royale and shooter on Twitch last year, beating “Fortnite”, “Call of Duty” and more. This only goes to show how massively the game is followed with many people enjoying its gameplay online.

The game became the basis for the various titles available to the world, with “Call of Duty: Vanguard” also returning certain Battle Pass items for players as requested. It’s something “Apex Legends” has done for its players before as the game continued to progress through the seasons, with nods to previous releases.

The EA and Respawn Entertainment game has already given the world plenty to experience with the title, now also available through mobile smartphones. With all it’s given to the world, it’s now received praise from Dr Disrespect, a streamer known for shooter and battle royale titles, hailing “Apex Legends” as the most competitive available.

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