Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Cold Snap update brings a new but familiar hero to battle royale

The game’s first mid-season update is here, with matchmaking improvements

Apex Legends Mobile launched on Android last May, and it’s still in its first season (because it’s a live battle royale service after all), but today marks the announcement of a new legend, although it won’t be officially available until Thursday, June 16. Today’s mid-season update also signals the arrival of a new battle pass with new rewards, as well as a unique gameplay feature that freezes its surrounding area, offering frozen loot boxes with a special currency that can be spent on loot in the Seasonal Shop. Additionally, there are a few bug fixes to address, addressing players’ frustrations with the game’s matchmaking.


You can watch the Cold Snap gameplay trailer above, and it features Loba, an existing character in PC/console games but brand new to Apex Legends Mobile. She’ll be unlockable once you reach Battle Pass Tier 25, or you can purchase the character outright, but she won’t arrive until Thursday despite the Cold Snap update launching today. You can also see there’s a sort of wintery theme to it, with a large object known as an air conditioner dumping snow on the ground, which just so happens to change regular loot boxes to frosty loot boxes, which award Diamonds, a currency that can be used to purchase rare items in the Seasonal Shop.

What’s new

  • New Legend: Loba
  • New Mode: City Takeover – Winter Warfare Game Mode
  • New Weapon, Battle Pass, and Seasonal Shop
  • Optimization and bug fixes

As with all live service game updates, bug fixes are expected, and some have been implemented, addressing matchmaking issues. Electronic Arts has even detailed how it plans to further improve the game in today’s message from the developers.

We really appreciate you all speaking up and sharing your feedback with us. This is how we will continue to improve the game: through your continuous feedback, whether good or critical. Some of the things we heard from the community as urgent fixes are:

  • Frustrations around the ranking system
  • How bans are handled in normal matches
  • Matchmaking optimizations
  • Performance optimizations for devices and servers

As you can see, EA has big plans moving forward, acknowledging player concerns. Unfortunately, no answers have been provided today as to how all of these issues will be resolved, although it’s reassuring to see the company address these complaints.

Overall, today’s update seems to be a welcome one, bringing new content and a new character. Of course, it would be nice to see the update arrive on the same day as the new character, but I guess we have to wait two more days to play because Loba is by no means a dealbreaker. Additionally, EA seems to be working on balance and performance, which is always nice to see, as Apex Legends Mobile launched a month ago with some sticking points. So if you want to see the recent matchmaking improvements in the game or if you want to work on your Battle Pass level to reach 25 before Loba launches on Thursday, you can install/update the game by clicking on the Play Store widget below.

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