Apex Legends Mobile Single Player Battle Royale Added

Respawn Entertainment recently enabled the Apex Legends Mobile Solo Battle Royale game mode on the mobile game.

Apex Legends Mobile Solo Battle Royale game mode is on!

With the installation of Apex Legends Mobile Update: Aftershow, a few new features have been introduced. It added a new Battle Pass with amazing cosmetics, Aftershow Season Events, Map Updates, Ranked Updates, and many more. One of the coolest features and one that many Apex Legends fans have been waiting for has finally appeared. The Apex Legends Mobile Solo Battle Royale game mode has finally been added.

Although having teammates is the usual game with Apex Legends Mobile, many have wished for a game mode in this game that would allow them to play solo. They want a battle royale without teammates and they can shoot whoever they want without consequences. Well, now is their chance as they can finally complete the ultimate single player challenge and become the Apex Champion.

Full Patch Notes

Check out the full patch notes below:


A brand new Battle Pass with amazing cosmetics is up for grabs for an amazing prize! Unlock the Aftershow Battle Pass for 299 Syndicate Gold. This Battle Pass is shorter than usual but still packed with great rewards!


Get ready for the ultimate single player challenge. No teammates, just you and a map full of enemies fighting to be the Apex Champion!


Additional reward-filled events will appear in-game throughout the season. So keep your eyes peeled for these limited-time events that pay out awesome rewards!

To resumeOctober 8-18 (0:00 UTC)

  • Fade debuted on Worlds Edge in May. If you haven’t unlocked this Phasing Punisher yet, now is your chance! Complete missions to unlock it during this limited time event!

Boost Battle PassOctober 8-10 and October 15-17 (0:00 UTC)

  • During this time, additional missions will be available to level up your Battle Pass XP to speed up your progress!

7 days of consecutive connection – October 14-21 (0:00 UTC)

  • Log in daily during this time for more rewards and an Epic Loba skin that will be available at the start of the Season of Champions after the Aftershow ends.

Pro Mode October 11-12 (0:00 UTC)

  • Meanwhile, additional seasonal currency will be up for grabs through special missions that you can complete by playing HACK. Earn extra rewards and clear the VIP Shop!

Sniper Showcase – October 5-11 (0:00 UTC)

Practice your long game with your enemies by completing special sniper missions during this time for special rewards including the Saltwater Sentinel skin.


Starting October 12, the team will be making minor changes to Kings Canyon. Encore Galore and Pythas Theater will be leaving the map for the time being. This will impact ranked and normal battle royales. Don’t worry, seasonal currency from supply bins will still be available on the map.


Complete missions on certain weekends to earn Rank Protection Cards that will help you avoid losing points during a match if you or your teammates encounter any unlucky circumstances!

Each day of the event:

Log in to claim a Ranked Level Protector – which will automatically prevent the loss of Ranked Points, should that loss lower your Rank.

Complete two ranked matches to earn a ranked point protector – which will automatically prevent the loss of ranked points if your hot drop goes bad!

All ranked tiers and ranked point protection will expire after 7 days or at the end of the season, you will be automatically notified when they expire. This protection will only be available by engaging in events, and will not be available for purchase, so mark your calendars!

Schedule of Ranked Protection Map Events:

  • October 8-10 (0:00 UTC)
  • October 15-17 (0:00 UTC)

Play with your friends:

Until Platinum, we’ve removed all ranking restrictions on who can team up to play a ranked game. For example, if you are Gold and your friend has just established themselves as an Apex Champion, you will now be able to play Ranked together!

Apex Legends Mobile is now available on Android and iOS.

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