Apex Legends New Hunted Battle Pass Introduces Fortune Hunter’s Reactive Triple Take

The new season of Apex Legends arrives today and there’s a brand new Hunted Battle Pass for Season 14. While there’s a free track for players who don’t want to spend their Apex Coins, the premium Battle Pass track has over 100 new rewards such as Veteran Voyager Wraith, Field Research Caustic, and Fortune Hunter Reactive Triple Take.

Hunted Battle Pass has over 100 new rewards

The Apex Legends Hunted Battle Pass features over 100 new survival-themed unlockables. The Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins or there is a Battle Pass bundle which includes 25 tier skips for 2,800 Apex Coins. Rewards include the Veteran Voyager set for Wraith, the Field Research Set for Caustic, Fortune Hunter Reactive Triple Take weapon, new reactive weapon skins and new skydive emotes, plus sets for Vantage, Bangalore and Horizon. During this time, the free reward track will give a Wattson Character Skin, 7 Apex Packs, 11 Weapon Skins, 4 Loading Screens, Trackers for all Legends, 2 Music Packs, 200 Apex Coins, and a Season Badge.

The Battle Pass will also come with daily and weekly challenges to complete. There are five new challenges each day and 11 new weekly challenges to complete each week to progress through the Battle Pass. For the first time, players can choose to complete the challenges in battle royale mode or other game modes, but the requirements are different for each. Here’s a sample of the new challenge styles included in this season’s trailer:

  • Deal 7500 damage with Assault Rifles [Battle Royale] OR Deal 15000 damage with Assault Rifles [Non-Battle Royale]
  • Deal 5000 damage as Fuse, Gibraltar or Vantage [Battle Royale] OR Deal 10000 damage as Fuse, Gibraltar or Vantage [Non-Battle Royale]
  • Deal 500 damage in a single match [Battle Royale] OR Deal 750 damage in a single match [Non-Battle Royale]
  • Get 10 knockdowns with pistols [Battle Royale] OR Get 20 knockdowns with pistols [Non-Battle Royale]
  • Finish in the Top 5 10 times [Both]

In other news, the Gamevice Flex mobile controller has been announced which will allow gamers to keep their phone case on while in use. Elsewhere, a new Microsoft Unity partnership will make things easier for Xbox and PC developers.

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