Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass Full Breakdown

Apex Legends continues to prove itself to be one of the best battle royale games out there, and a lot of that is down to the steady stream of updates the game receives. While small bug fixes and balance updates are a constant, ensuring the game remains balanced, Apex Legends also gets a big update every few months or so. Each season update often adds a new playable character, map tweaks, and new weapons.

Apex Legends Season 13 of Saviors has finally arrived, and alongside the exciting new Legend Newcastle, a whole range of new cosmetics have also arrived. As is the case with every new Apex Legends Season, players can begin an all-new Battle Pass journey, where each of the 110 Tiers unlocks a new cosmetic item. From legendary skins to reactive weapon camos, emotes and more, fans have plenty to get their teeth into with Apex Legends‘ Season 13 Battle Pass.


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Everything included in the Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass

Starting May 10, players can jump into Apex Legends Season 13 and access the brand new Battle Pass. To purchase the standard version of the Battle Pass, players will need to deposit 950 Apex Coins, which roughly translates to $9.50, with a 1000 Apex Coin Pack costing $9.99 in the Apex Legends shop.

Of course, players can purchase a Premium Battle Pass Bundle from the store for 2800 Apex Coins, around $28, which unlocks the Battle Pass and gives the player immediate access to the first 25 Tiers. Once the Battle Pass has been purchased, players will be able to fight their way through all 110 tiers of the Pass by completing specific objectives, winning matches, and progressing.

The Season 13 Battle Pass includes cosmetics of all types, ranging from skins to emotes, and everything in between. There are, however, a few key items that players will likely want to unlock. Bloodhound and Fuse each have a legendary skin this time around, with Fuse turning him into a metallic cyborg, and Bloodhound giving him a menacing spiked helmet. A legendary camo for the CAR SMG is also included in the Season 13 Battle Pass.

Epic skins are available for Mad Maggie, Pathfinder and the brand new Legend Newcastle. Maggie and Pathfinder’s skins give them subtle purple highlights and gold accents, while Newcastle’s skin gives her a red makeover, but retains the gold trim.

An exciting new reactive camo is also available for the Spitfire LMG, with a gold variant unlocking at Battle Pass Tier 100 and a red variant unlocking at final Tier 110. Each of these skins has glowing blue vents on the barrel, and a pulsating blue vent near the trigger that rhythms looks quite similar to a heart. As the player progresses through the match, the barrel vents remain open longer and the “heart” beats faster, both releasing more blue energy.

For those who don’t want to invest real money in Apex Legends, there is still a free alternative to the Battle Pass. Unlocked simply by clicking on it, this free Battle Pass still offers over 25 cosmetic items, some of which are definitely worth picking up. Via the free Battle Pass, players can grab a Crypto skin, 12 weapon skins, seven Apex packs, three loading screens, two music packs, trackers, a season badge, and 300 free Apex coins, which could then be used to purchase the Premium version of the pack.

Apex Legends is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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