Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass Trailer Reveals Dragons Vs. Knights Theme

With the launch of Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors just around the corner (and a recent leak that appeared to show all of the Saviors battle pass content), speculation among Apex players as to the content of the pass of combat were at a while. – high time. But the wait is now over – Respawn Entertainment has just released the Season 13 Battle Pass trailer, and it has confirmed the legitimacy of last week’s leaks.

Season 13 will have a medieval fantasy theme with a futuristic sci-fi twist, with included weapon and legend cosmetics stylized to resemble knight armor or dragon scales. While the two-minute trailer didn’t reveal all of Season 13’s secrets, it did give us a glimpse of a few things to expect in this season’s Battle Pass.

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legend skins

The Battle Pas trailer gives players a deeper look at Legendary and Epic tier Legend skins. The Saviors Battle Pass contains two legendary character cosmetics: Bloodhound’s “Feral’s Future” skin and Fuse’s “Sir Fitzroy” skin.

The Season 13 Battle Pass also contains the epic tier “Firewall” skin for Season 13’s first legend, Newcastle, as well as epic skins for Crypto, Mad Maggie, and Pathfinder.

Weapon Skins

As in previous seasons, various weapons are also getting new skins, including two reactive Spitfire skins named “Molten Soul” and “Winter Soul”, which players will receive after completing Tiers 100 and 110 of the Season Battle Pass. 13.


Cosmetic skins as seen in the Season 13 Battle Pass trailer.

Map Changes and Abilities

The trailer offers a bird’s eye view of the Slaughtered Beast, a new POI that became part of the Stormpoint map after the Legends killed it in the Season 13 launch trailer, as well as several safes in the form of IMC Armories, which are full of hostile robots, but will reward players brave and skilled enough to take on the robotic NPCs.

Additionally, the battle pass trailer also gave players another look at Newcastle’s passive and ultimate abilities, which allow him to drag downed teammates to safety using his knockdown shield and to create a massive wall to provide cover for teammates in tight situations.

To fully uncover the secrets hidden within the Saviors Battle Pass, players can purchase it for 950 Apex Coins when Season 13 launches on Tuesday, May 10.

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