Apex Legends Season 14 finally removes Self Revive from Battle Royale

We know that Vantage is the star of the series when it comes to Apex Legends’ Hunted update, but there are a lot of big changes coming to Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale with the Season 14 update. one of the big ones, which might fly under the radar when you look at the latest Apex Legends patch notes, is this: the Apex Legends dev team is finally removing Self Revive from the game.

Yes, that’s right – Self Revive came out of here and we couldn’t be happier. During a pre-release press event, senior game designer Eric Canavese revealed that two significant changes will be made to gold rarity gear perks in the upcoming title update. First, a Gold Backpack will no longer grant players the Guardian Angel perk. Instead, it will feature an all-new gameplay perk: Deep Pockets.

With this rare piece of gear equipped, using Deep Pockets, players will be able to carry more large healing items in-game. protection in your inventory. In addition to this, you will be able to stack two Phoenix Kit elements. This, of course, is going to help players individually – but it could also introduce a new level of coordination between teammates and encourage in-game resource sharing.

Where does the Self Revive item benefit come from in all of this? Well, Respawn Entertainment may have removed Guardian Angel from the Gold Backpack, but it’s not completely removed from the battle royale. No, rather than abandon this perk altogether, the Apex Legends development team is opting to replace the Self Revive perk with this one. This means that if you pick up a Gold Knockdown Shield, you will get the Guardian Angel perk instead of Self Revive.

If you’re sitting there wondering what the Guardian Angel perk even does, let us explain. With this perk, players will be revived with 50% of their current health pool – combining base health and armor health. This means that, rather than reviving players with 25 health, players will get at least a total health pool of 75 HP – with 50 being base health and 25 being armor health. If you wear rarer Evo Shield body armor, you might find yourself reviving with significantly more health.

While this is beneficial in the thick of a fight and can be the difference between ultimate victory and crushing defeat, it hardly compares to Self Revive – something that can be considered fairly overpowered if you take into account extra health that the Gold Knockdown Shield already has. If you hit someone from a distance, you might find that the moment you pushed them, they are back at full strength.

Although controversial, this change is proof that Respawn Entertainment is committed to maintaining Apex Legends as one of the best battle royale games available. If you’re looking forward to the next update, you should check out our updated Apex Legends tier list before your next playthrough. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to know which Legend you need to watch closely.

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