Battle Pass rewards (and how to unlock them)

Splitgate offers a Seasonal Battle Pass with a cornucopia of unlockable rewards. Players get rewards by purchasing and progressing through the Battle Pass.

Splitgate features an extensive battle pass system with many new unlockable rewards. The Battle Pass has a tier system with increasingly better rewards at higher tiers. The battle pass must be purchased with splitcoins, Splitgatemain currency of the game. There are several ways for players to earn the splitcoins needed to unlock the Battle Pass.

The rewards in SplitgateThe Battle Pass occupies several different categories. However, these rewards do not give any benefit to the players during the game. The rewards are mainly focused on cosmetics and skins for all Splitgate weapons. These can help players customize their character and express themselves during matches. Players also get loot, splitcoins, badges, banners, sprays, and more in battle pass levels.

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Before players can access the Battle Pass treasures, they must purchase it. The battle pass is seasonal and the current pass is for the first season (season 0). The battle pass can only be purchased with splitcoins. The premium battle pass costs 900 splitcoins and the premium battle pass (+20 levels) costs 2,000 splitcoins. It may sound like a lot of money, but there are a few ways you can collect more splitcoins.

How to buy the Splitgate Battle Pass and unlock rewards

The easiest way to unlock splitcoins in Splitgate is by purchasing them from the item store. Players can buy from 100 to 13,500 splitcoins with real money. The prices of the splitcoin packs range from $ 0.99 to $ 100 USD.

Players can also get splitcoins by inviting their friends with a personal referral code. Each person who refers a friend gets 50 splitcoins for every friend who joins the game and reaches level 10. The other free way to get splitcoins reliably is to check Splitgate everyday. Players can visit the Rewards Center to redeem a Daily Registration Reward. At the end of each week, if players have registered each day, they will receive 100 splitcoins.

Once the Battle Pass is purchased, players must unlock each level by playing Splitgate normally. Players receive XP and Battle Pass XP during matches.

There are 100 levels in the Battle Pass, each with new unlockable rewards for players. The main type of reward in the battle pass is cosmetics. New armor skins, jetpacks, real shots and gun skins are regularly unlocked in each battle pass level. Players also get lucrative loot, XP boosts, banners, badges, portals, and splitcoins throughout battle pass levels. Most cosmetic rewards simply allow players to look cooler and physically demonstrate their progress in the game.

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Splitgate is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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