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Blitz Team’s intense shooter Battle Prime is now available worldwide for iOS and Android after its soft launch in June.

The Blitz team was founded last year by a small group of former World of Tanks Blitz developers. As the first title, Battle Prime is undoubtedly hugely impressive, offering console-quality visuals and the potential to take on the giants of the mobile shooter genre.

At its core, the game is a 6v6 team shooter with a simulator advantage. Your character is a bit more in control than jerk shooters like COD: Mobile, and he’s generally more ruthless. Part of the draw is that you don’t just play as a random military grunt, no sir, in Battle Prime you are a ‘main agent’.

These guys come with their own unique abilities and playstyles. You will be able to switch between different agents on the fly in order to adapt to the pace of the battle. Since the game emphasizes quick, tactical matches, decent teamwork will get you far. Going it alone is often the recipe for disaster.

By checking recent user reviews, it’s clear that some are facing some annoying technical difficulties including crashes and frame rate issues. Such annoyances may be to be expected at launch, as developers continue to optimize the game for a range of iOS and Android devices.

The first season of Battle Prime has now launched. You will have the option to purchase an Elite Pass (essentially a Battle Pass), which grants you access to exclusive rewards earned through gameplay.

“Creating Battle Prime has truly been an incredible, hard-working journey for us at Blitz Team,” said Stanislav Patskevich, Executive Producer of Battle Prime. “We’re a small, tight-knit team, and I’m proud to have come together with them over the past year to create a game that will not only provide a fun and memorable experience at launch, but a game that we can continue to make. develop. for a long time. “

You will find Battle Prime available for download now from the App Store and google play free. And don’t forget to consult the official Twitter account of the game to stay up to date with the latest news.

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