‘Battlefield 2042’ was originally planned to be a Battle Royale game


“Battlefield 2042” kicked off recently with its beta, with many critics praising it for returning to classic “Battlefield” gameplay. He was also criticized for his buggy, which took several players out of the action.

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But while “Battlefield 2042 ″ turned out to be a comeback for the franchise, it was originally planned to be something very different.

According to GameRant, “Battlefield 2042” in its early stages of development was intended to be a battle royale game, in the game of another EA property: “Apex Legends”.

Tom Henderson, a prominent video game industry official, disclosed the information on his Twitter account:

According to Henderson’s tweet, however, he was unsure of where in the development cycle EA and DICE ultimately decided that a battle royale game would not be suitable.

It also seemed like the developers wanted to take inspiration from another military shooter: the “Call of Duty” franchise. While he didn’t say what CoD this is, it’s pretty obvious that the developers could have taken a lot of inspiration from “Call of Duty Warzone”.

But maybe this claim that “Battlefield 2042” is a battle royale title has merit. On the one hand, EA and DICE were determined to market the game’s larger-than-ever PvP player count: up to 128 simultaneous players on a single card, writes ScreenRant.

With so many players in the game at the same time, this could give credence to rumors about the origins of the battle royale of “Battlefield 2042”.

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How different could “Battlefield 2042” have been?

Tom Henderson is considered one of the most famous leakers in the video game industry. In fact, he was the one who correctly disclosed the details of “Battlefield 2042” long before its official announcement. There were even hints that the game actually had a battle royale mode, although that obviously didn’t happen.

Judging from his tweet, “Battlefield 2042” could have been very different from its current status if DICE and EA wanted to use “Apex Legends” for inspiration.

“Apex Legends” is different from its competition because as a battle royale game it is classified as a hero-based shooter, according to its website. It’s a trope that was prevalent in MOBAs, but was also used in shooting games such as “Rainbow Six: Siege” and “Overwatch”.

Maybe the developers have kept some parts of that, because “Battlefield 2042 ″ uses some form of hero-based system in the form of specialists.

However, the battle royale mode did not work and the developers of “Battlefield 2042” DICE finally decided to go for a classic style of play reminiscent of the old “Battlefield” games.

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Battle Royale games could have made EA a murder

Maybe going with a battle royale game for “Battlefield 2042” could bring some quick success for EA, as this type of shooter remains extremely popular.

It might be the literally endless replay value, the competitive element, or just the fun factor, but battle royale titles have carved their own niche in the gaming industry over the past few years.

It might have made sense for EA to go this route from a profit margin perspective, but their final decision stood and they never looked back.

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