Battlefield 2042’s danger zone isn’t a battle royale – and it looks fantastic


Dice has finally unveiled the latest multiplayer mode appearing in Battlefield 2042 at launch: Hazard Zone. The long-rumored battle royale mode has defied expectations and appears to be the best type of multiplayer game of 2042, not least because it’s not actually a battle royale.

Instead, Hazard Zone is an objective-based game mode where teams of players must work together to locate satellites, collect their data discs, and extract loot before time runs out. To make this more difficult, other enemy squads are looking for the same limited rewards and the AI-controlled forces will also defend the territory – you’ll also have to watch out for tornadoes if your task didn’t seem difficult enough already.

Additionally, players won’t win by being the last team standing like in a traditional battle royale. Instead, you’ll need to successfully extract at least one player from the match with whatever your team may have collected. Checkouts are limited to two teams per match – with one checkout midway through and one just before time runs out.

This means that you could theoretically win a game of Hazard Zone without taking out a single enemy. A non-violent playstyle would certainly make it harder to conquer Hazard Zone, but we expect several pacifist videos to appear on YouTube when Battlefield 2042 launches.

If you choose to play harder, you’ll be rewarded, as enemy players will be knocked out of the match when killed – there is no automatic respawn – giving you a better chance of fending off attackers. The only way to revive slain players will be for their teammates to find a “boost uplink” that will allow them to bring players back into the action.

When Battlefield 2042 launches, Hazard Zone will use the seven maps already confirmed for All-Out Warfare. On PS4 and Xbox One Hazard Zone will allow 24 players (or six teams) while owners of PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC will face 32 players (or eight teams).

Battlefield 2042 launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, and PC on November 19, 2021.

Opinion: Hazard Zone may only be ideal for the privileged few

Hazard Zone will be a really cool reinvention of the traditional battle royale format.

It takes all the best aspects of the genre – like semi-permanent death and tense victory conditions – and combines them with objective-based gameplay to create a mode we’re sure both pros and more casual gamers will enjoy.

However, we can already see some drawbacks of the mode that makes us fear that it will quickly lose its appeal; in particular that the danger zone will only be named by a few selected squads.

Considering Dice’s emphasis on strategy, this won’t be a mode where teams of random players with no mic are very lucky. Teams will want to tactically choose their Specialists, insert points based on early game information, and then shuffle shots on the fly based on where future random drops appear.

Mining will be another point where consensus is required, given the scarcity of the option to leave, teams will need all of their might to steal a seat on the mining vehicle. And despite Dice’s emphasis that this is a game where killing is not the priority, we all know some players will still put K / D first.

If your team isn’t able to communicate effectively and come to an agreement, we think you’ll be quickly spotted by the many dangers of the mode.

Battlefield 2042

(Image credit: EA)

Adding to the problem is the ability to use Dark Market Credits to purchase Tactical Upgrades. We’ll have to try it out for ourselves to make a final judgment, but what Dice has said so far makes us nervous that players who own Battlefield 2042 from day one can quickly gain huge advantages over players. who will join later.

With Hazard Zone upgrades, over time teams will get stronger and new players might find it difficult to keep up.

While this type of mechanic has appeared in previous Battlefield games – where players unlock rewards based on their experience providing better items and abilities for avid fans – it can be especially difficult to keep pace in Hazard Zone because to win. credits quickly, players must collect records and mine.

This goal is considerably harder to achieve against tougher enemies who are also in search of the same limited resources. Conversely, in previous games, just playing would earn you an experience that could help you rank.

Hopefully Dice has thought ahead to find ways to combat these issues, because otherwise the best mode in Battlefield 2042 might end up being the least popular.


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