Best battle games for Windows 10

Fighting games for Windows 10 can be fun and time-consuming adventures. These games test your strategy, management and luck skills as you guide troops across the battlefield to save the kingdom, universe, or world.

These games tend to be more complex than fighting games, which are more of one-on-one fights or where you take on the enemy with a single hero. Fighting games, on the other hand, allow you to recruit, train, and lead armies in combat. Teamwork, if you will.

Fighting games are also more involved than fighting games and can be fun time consuming. We’ve sifted through the Windows Store offerings and take a look at the best fighting games for Windows 10!

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Age of Sparta

Age of Sparta

Age of Sparta is an Xbox title for Windows 10 that lets you create your own Spartan city, recruit and train an army, and unleash its power Xerxes’ Persian army to stop their conquest of Sparta.

Call on the gods to aid you in your efforts to further purge your enemies from the battlefield. Monsters and mythical beasts are also available to increase the strength of your legions.

Age of Sparta is a feature packed fighting game that comes with plenty of tutorials to teach you the basics of building your city, training troops, and fighting the enemy. In addition to the campaign game mode, you can form alliances with other players and compete against other players to loot resources.

Age of Sparta

The graphics are top notch, with great detail. Combat is somewhat automated, but with enough interaction to get you into the action. Gameplay requires planning and management to choose your battles wisely and ensure you have the right resources to support your actions.

Overall, Age of Sparta is a fun fighting game for Windows 10. It is free to play and available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Game progress can be synced across devices so you never miss a beat.

Download Age of Sparta from the Windows Store



ARMED! takes you into the future for a sci-fi based multiplayer strategy game. You command a fleet of futuristic tanks, turrets and robots to infiltrate enemy areas and destroy your enemy’s forces and headquarters.


ARMED! includes online multiplayer games, as well as a single player game where you face a computerized opponent. The game includes five battlefield maps, 12 offensive and defensive units, and over 50 upgrades and special attacks.

The gameplay is somewhat involved in building, leveling, and moving your battle pieces. ARMED! has a comprehensive tutorial to walk you through the basics of turn-based action.

The graphics have that futuristic feel and once you’ve got a few tricks under your belt, the game mechanics get a lot smoother. In short, ARMED! is an entertaining sci-fi fighting game available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. The game is currently priced at $ 2.49 with an ad-supported trial available for you to try things out before you buy.

Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander

The Star Wars franchise has generated a plethora of gripping and entertaining games over the years and Star Wars Commander for Windows 10 is no exception. The game makes you choose to fight for the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. You build a base camp, recruit and train troops, and fight the enemy. Alliances can be formed with other players to create more powerful squads to defeat your enemies.

On the battlefield, you find iconic Star Wars characters, such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Han Solo. Take control of AT-ATs, speeder bikes, Wookie battalions and Stormtroopers platoons. Troops, equipment and vehicles can be upgraded to improve their combat capabilities.

Star Wars Commander

The Windows 10 game has also been updated to include content inspired by Rogue One. This includes new mercenaries such as Drabatan Saboteurs and Security Droids, as well as new ships such as the TIE Striker and Fang Fighter. The update simply improves on an already fantastic Windows 10 game.

Game progress can be synced between devices through your Facebook account. Star Wars Commander is a free game available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. If you are a Star Wars fan, this is a must have game for Windows 10.

Download Star Wars Commander from the Windows Store

Siege fall

Siege fall

Siegefall is an exciting mix of battle strategy and realm management games. You find yourself in a mythical land that has been torn apart by conflicting kingdoms and an evil queen. You build a kingdom to restore order and create an army using eight different types of troops. Three elemental spirits and 34 combat cards are available to strengthen your forces.

Siege fall

The Windows 10 game offers several game modes, including the standard story mode filled with missions to complete and a live player-versus-player mode where you can attack other players or defend against their attacks. You can be social and join guilds to destroy your opponents

The management of the kingdom includes the construction of defenses, the training of soldiers and the generation of resources (raw materials, magic items, etc.). Battles require a bit of strategy when deploying troops to destroy strongholds. In addition to ground troops, Siegefall has artillery that weakens your enemy from a distance and even dragon attacks.

The graphics are full of detail and you can zoom in on the action to capture the intricacies of the battle. The sheer number of features with Siegefall can be a bit overwhelming, but the in-game tutorial does a solid job of teaching you the fundamentals of the gameplay. After which, success depends on your skills in strategy, management, and luck.

Siegefall is a free game, available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile. You can sync the game between devices by signing into the game with your Facebook or Microsoft account.

Download Siegefall from the Windows Store

Royal revolt 2

Royal revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 is a wonderfully animated Windows 10 fighting game in which you build your kingdom and castle against attacks while wreaking havoc on other players. You can form alliances with other players to improve your ability to attack other fortresses.

The element of strategy comes into play, not only with your attacks, but also with the way you defend your fortress. Defensive towers, barricades, and maze-like paths can be placed outside your castle walls to deter attackers. On the offensive side of the coin, you recruit, train, and build an army to launch attacks, as well as develop magical abilities to enhance your assault.

There’s a lot going on about Royal Revolt 2 and pop-up tutorials every now and then to cover the basics of the gameplay. I think what helps the game stand out from other fighting games are the simple controls.

Royal revolt 2

You guide your hero into battle and his troops follow you, attacking anything in sight. Additional troops become available as the battle rages on and magical spells can be cast to deal extended damage to your enemy. Resources are gained in battle and can be used to build new structures or upgrade existing ones.

The graphics are colorful and contain a lot of detail. You can zoom in on the action as needed, and while Royal Revolt 2 plays out well from a Windows 10 Mobile phone, it shines a bit more from a tablet. The larger screen seems to pull in a bit more detail with the graphics and animations. Nonetheless, Royal Revolt 2 is a fun waste of time. It is a free game and available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Download Royal Revolt 2 from the Windows Store

If you’ve tried any of these games let us know what you think of the stuff in the comments. There are other great fighting games in the Windows Store and if you have a favorite feel free to throw in your recommendation as well.

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