Best Battle Royale Games Playable on Xbox

There was a time when the battle royale genre video games seemed to start and end with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. better known as PUBG, it really is the game that started a parade of other games in the genre. Some are good, though, while others are a bit short. Nowadays, there are a ton of them to choose from, regardless of the platform used. The sheer number of games available can make it a bit difficult to decide what to play and what stands out from the pack.

PUBG is still up there. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is hugely popular on PC, but it also offers a lot to like on Xbox. For one, Xbox Game Pass users can play the game at no additional cost. One of the reasons this title is different from many of today’s most popular Battle Royale titles is that it’s not free. Outside of Game Pass, it costs around $20. The fact that it can be played for free with the subscription is a nice addition to a game that sets the standard in this genre.

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Updated May 27, 2022 by Oliver VanDervoort: Over the years, it’s no surprise that there are still new Battle Royale games coming out from time to time. There are always kings of the hill when it comes to Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends, but there are other contenders in the genre that are starting to carve out their own little niche in the genre. it is certainly not easy to stand out from the crowd. That’s probably why some of the new additions to the roster do something quite different from what people might expect from a Battle Royale game on Xbox.


seven Fortnite

It should come as no surprise to see fortnite on any top BR list. It is often ranked as the most popular game in the world. As he arrived shortly after PUBG, it surpassed its predecessor in number of players. This one is indeed free, although anyone who wants to spend a pretty penny in-game can buy all sorts of different skins and dance moves.

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Fortnite stands out in part for the many updates it receives. Developer Epic Games always seems to be looking to add new content and gameplay tweaks. It’s also one of the few to get an Xbox Series X/S upgrade.

6 Apex Legends

Apex Legends It’s been going strong for a few years now. Combining hero abilities with the Battle Royale formula has proven to be a winning formula. The game which takes place in the world of Titanfall, but does not include any type of game mechanics, has established itself as one hell of a competitor to some of the biggest battle royales out there. One of the reasons the game has been so successful over the past few years is that it has found a formula that occasionally introduces a few different legends to keep the characters and gameplay fresh.

Apex Legends also spent a lot of time introducing lore and adventures that make users feel a bit more invested in the game. Each of the legends has a different power that also makes it even more fun to try the game over and over again. Because there aren’t a ton of stories in these games, finding a way to take advantage of replayability is key, and Apex Legends has certainly cracked that code.

5 super royal pet

Among the weirdest battle royale games are super royal pet. It seems to be at least somewhat based on Fortnite, given that crafting and hunting for supplies used to be a big part of the most popular battle royale. Of course, the big difference in this game is that players take on the role of one type of animal or another as they do battle with no less than 63 other players. There’s also the fact that this game is top-down and certainly looks a lot less realistic than some of the more popular games in the genre. However, there’s still something to be said for the way this game is put together that really makes it stand out and stand out from the ever-growing crowd.

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There’s something quite memorable about having the kind of cute animals this game delivers when a player is trying to eliminate absolutely every comer. The title also has some inventive new game modes that it can offer during seasonal races, like the “Bwoking Dead” mode that it first offered during the Halloween season a few years ago.

4 Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the newest Battle Royales on this list, officially released in March 2020. A standalone game that now also comes as a kind of standard complement to the more traditional Call of Duty games, this game is extremely popular. At least one reason for its popularity is that Call of Duty: Warzone has a realistic map and combat feel, rather than PUBGis it a staggered presentation or Fortnitecartoon appearance.

Things haven’t always been rosy since the game launched, and it seems there have been more complaints than praise about the things that have been added to war zone, especially in recent months. However, although there have been some rather vocal complaints about war zone it’s still one of the most popular battle royales available on Xbox. Of course, it will be interesting to see what happens when the sequel to this game finally arrives.


CRSED: FOAD is one of those battle royales that flies under the radar, but definitely should be tried on the Xbox. Officially dubbed Cuisine Royale Second Edition: the fulfillment of all desiresit’s no surprise that it has a condensed name.

At first glance, this free-to-play title looks a bit like PUBG in its drive models, but it offers a bit more than its predecessor. Not only can players use guns, knives, and swords to take down enemies, but they can also accumulate superpowers and magic. This game also got an official upgrade to Xbox Series X/S.

2 Royal Kingdom

Royal Kingdom is an interesting addition to this list because it also has something in common with Fortnite. There was a time when the battle royale aspect of both games was really just additional modes in a much bigger project. For Fortnite, fans of the game know there was a time when its “Save the World” mode was actually meant to be its focus and the mode that has since become so popular was really more of an add-on.

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That’s not quite the whole story when it comes to Royal Kingdombut the now standalone battle royale was just one mode in Paladins: Battlegrounds. When it comes to establishing yourself in the battle royale field, it’s quite similar to other games in the region as it drops 90 players into an area where they battle as the map boundaries slowly shrink. . One of the weird ways the game manages to stand out is by turning “downed” players into chickens that can then be

1 spell break

Speaking of magic, spell break focuses entirely on magic. When it comes to spell break – which just saw Season 2 land – all the usual battle royale aspects are included. However, rather than landing on a map and searching for the best weapons, players are looking for ways to increase their magical powers. The game also has a unique look somewhat reminiscent Fortnite but with its own twist.

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