Best free skins in Fortnite Battle Royale

Over the years, Epic Games have added tons of unique and trending skins to Fortnite. However, more often than not players have to use real money to get them. Sometimes Epic is kind enough to donate skins at no additional cost. These are the best free skins to use in Fortnite.


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Blue team leader


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The Blue Team Leader skin was added to Fortnite during Chapter 1 of Season 2. This skin marked the start of a cross-promotion between Epic Games and PlayStation as it was exclusive to those who paid for it. the PS + service.


In May 2018, Twitch Prime members could unlock a cool looking free skin called the Sub-Commander. To unlock this freebie, players had to have linked their Twitch accounts to their Epic Games account. The skin featured a purple design to accommodate the expenses of the Twitch platform.


Prodigy is an original PlayStation exclusive skin that arrived as part of Celebration Pack 4. While the skin was well designed, it was the back bling that surprised gamers. It is supposed to look like a calculator and displays the number of kills you have in the game.

High stakes challenges

High Stakes challenges were introduced in Fortnite in July 2018. Players could unlock exclusive rewards for completing them, including a crowbar pickaxe and the Wild Card skin. Epic even added a limited-time Getaway mode where players could earn a themed loading screen.



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The first Twitch Prime pack to arrive in Fortnite purchased the Camouflaged Soldier Havoc in-game. Although the outfit was a mainstay of the game’s Save the World mode, it was only available for battle royale for a short time.

Commando Carbon

Another part of an exclusive PlayStation set. The Carbon Commando is definitely the coolest free skin in Fortnite. The skin shows a soldier wearing blue night vision goggles. Considering the fact that it is available for free to PS Plus subscribers, this is a hugely positive gesture from the developers.


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Epic has been very active when it comes to giving players free content. However, their primary focus will remain to entice customers to purchase the Battle Pass and other paid skins from the Item Shop.


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