Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 update: Check out the 2nd Anniversary Battle Pass, rewards, weapon updates, new map and more

Call of Duty Mobile has released a new season to celebrate its 2nd anniversary. Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 brings a lot of new content to mobile FPS gaming. The 2nd Anniversary Celebration-themed Season 8 features “Limited Time Events and Puzzles”. The developers have organized three events as part of the Call of Duty Mobile 2nd Anniversary celebrations.

The Counterattack-themed event introduces NPCs to Blackout, allowing players to search and recruit characters scattered across the map. The Birthday Cake event will have 2nd Birthday Balloons scattered throughout Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

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Popping the balloons will get player resources, letters from the development team, and pieces of cake. To earn rewards, you have to build the cake. Finally, there is a new puzzle event, tokens earned for in-game activities can be exchanged for puzzle pieces.

The developers have brought two Battle Passes – Free Third Party Battle Pass and Third Party Premium Pass. In the first, one can unlock the Lightning Strike Scorestreak at level 14, and at level 21, they can access the new functional weapon R9-0. Other free items include – ICR-1 – Infraggable, the Wingsuit – Broken Road, etc.

Map Updates: Crash has received a visual overhaul that includes various graphics and performance optimizations. Thunderbolt – Calls in air strikes at 3 target locations on the map. This Scorestreak highlights all friendly and enemy players to give you pinpoint accuracy.

“The performance at close range is significantly improved, while the performance at medium and long range has been slightly reduced. After adjustment, the two-shot elimination range is longer than that of the Cr56 AMAX, but it will be more difficult to control, ”the developer said.

Other optimizations include the reworked Cluster Strike, weapons with model changes that can now be equipped with Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Diamond camos, and premium weapon camos will no longer require upgrading over time. time. There are also new main Clan Wars rewards including new Operator Farah – Jinn with new customization parts, new epic weapon blueprint – KN-44 – Silver Patriot. The latest update is available for download on the iOS and Android platforms.

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