Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass sets up Cold War finale


The Call of Duty Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass has been revealed, with a ton of new items to unlock as you play through the final season of the Cold War era Black Ops.

The first paid battle pass unlock is Alex Mason, who drops the original Black Ops protagonist into your account directly at level 0 with his default “Alaska” operator skin. Get up to level 100 and you’ll unlock even more options for him, including the color-changing Aurora Borealis skin, with even more up for grabs if you can complete the accompanying Operator Mission.

Other highlights include a final Black Ops mixtape, which features cult classic tracks such as “This Jazz is Classified” from Black Ops 4 Zombies and “Revenge” from the original Black Ops, and a “Rogue Battle Pass” Transmission “coming in October. 12. Activision is keeping a lid on this last one for now, saying only that you should “make sure you’re ready for war.”

As usual, you can earn a total of 1,300 COD points by completing a paid pass, which will cover next season’s pass with some remaining change. Or you can just drop everything on the scary new things coming with The Haunting, the Call of Duty Halloween event which kicks off on October 18 – either option is good.

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