Clash Royale Bone Pit Season 36: Balance changes, Battle Pass, buffs and nerfs

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Clash Royale Bones Pit Season 36 is upon us and the latest update has been released with some balancing changes for existing troops on top of all the new content being added. Here’s everything you need to know about the new update.

Season updates in Clash Royale are always exciting because not only do the balance changes shake up the game’s meta, but also because of the brand new Battle Pass and all the new content that comes with it.

That said, it is quite important that you know the latest changes implemented in the game with each new update. This will allow you to stay ahead of the game and still use meta troops during combat to gain an advantage over your enemy.

With that being said, let’s dive in and check out all the new additions and balance changes in Season 36 of Clash Royale Bone Pit.



Clash Royale Season 36 is based on a Bone Pit theme.

Clash Royale Bone Pit Season 36 Battle Pass

Like all other seasons, the Season 36 Bone Pit theme has a huge influence on the Seasonal Battle Pass as well as all available content.

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Here’s a list of all the new content and rewards you can claim in the Clash Royale Seasonal Battle Pass:

Purchased Battle Pass Rewards

  • Unique Bone Pit Bulwark Tower Appearance and Distraught Giant Skeleton Emote
  • 1 book of books
  • 1 magic coin
  • 2 trunk keys
  • 1 Legendary Wildcard
  • Epic Wild Cards
  • rare rare cards
  • Common Wildcards
  • 40,000 gold
  • 4 exchange tokens
  • Bank Gold bonus up to 25,000 gold

Free Battle Pass Rewards

  • 1 rare card book
  • 1 Wild Royal Chest
  • 10 epic jokers
  • 20 rare wildcards
  • 50 common jokers
  • 2 trunk keys
  • 33 Crown Chests
  • 1 Legendary Wildcard

Improved Troops in Clash Royale Season 36

cover for balance changes in clash royale season 36


Many fan-favorite troops received balance changes in Clash Royale Season 36.

Along with all the new content and rewards, the Season 36 update also features a lot of balancing changes. That said, let’s see which troops received buffs in the new update:

Troops nerfed in Clash Royale Season 36

With all the buffs gone, now is the time to focus on all the nerfs so you know which troops aren’t as strong as they used to be.

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Here is the full list of nerfs that were distributed to troops in Clash Royale Season 36:

So, there you have it, that’s all you need for the new Bone Pit season 36 update for Clash Royale.

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