CoD Mobile Season 3: Radical Raid Patch Notes, New Battle Pass, Maps, and More

CoD Mobile Season 3 sees Black Ops Cold War’s rapid-fire SMG, the MAC-10, join the ever-growing lineup of weapons. Here’s the best MAC-10 loadout you can craft to help you dominate the new season.

CoD Mobile Season 3 is here, and there’s plenty of new content for players to dive into. Not only is there a Snoop Dogg Operator up for grabs, there’s also a brand new weapon in the form of the MAC-10 SMG.

The MAC-10 is straight out of Black Ops Cold War and fits perfectly with the retro theme of Season 3.

Before you take the new SMG to the streets of Miami, you’ll want to make sure you have the strongest setup possible. So here is the best MAC-10 loadout for CoD Mobile Season 3.

Best CoD Mobile MAC-10 Charging Attachments

  • Muzzle: Agency remover
  • Barrel: 6.2″ cavalry gun
  • Store: SAS combat stock
  • Sub-barrel: Striker’s Grip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 53 Round Extended Reload

The MAC-10 is a devastating weapon at close range, so our build specifically focuses on speed and the secret of its recoil. By equipping these attachments, this brand new gun is perfect for getting into the faces of enemies.

To start, we chose the Agency remover, not only to keep shots quiet, but also to limit some of the MAC-10’s vertical recoil. Then we went for the 6.2″ Calvary Barrel to give the SMG a slight increase in range to help it in mid-range fights, and a huge increase in bullet speed.

We then chose the SAS combat stock for a drastic increase in ADS speed and fire sprint speed. Pair it with the Striker’s Gripwhich also increases ADS speed as well as overall movement speed, and you have the perfect dash weapon.

Finally, we completed our MAC-10 equipment with STANAG 53 round Extended Reload Ammunition. The weapon chews up rounds incredibly quickly, so extra ammo capacity lets you stay in the fight longer without worrying about reloading.

Best Benefits for Charging MAC-10 CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Slight Advantage
  • Red Advantage: Lightweight
  • Green advantage: Vulture
  • Blue Advantage: dead silence

The MAC-10 is most at home in close encounters, so Light increasing your movement speed will allow you to push the enemy team faster and get right into the action.

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Even though we chose magazines with extra capacity, Vulture is necessary to keep them stocked, as it is easy to burn dozens of rounds in seconds.

At last, dead silence will make your footsteps quieter so you can easily outrun enemies and deal with them before they have time to react.

How to unlock MAC-10 in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile characters holding weapons

To get your hands on the MAC-10 in CoD Mobile Season 3, all you need to do is reach level 21 of the Radical Raid Battle Pass.

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Luckily, this is one of the levels available for free to all players, so you won’t have to shell out any money to pick up the latest weapon.

Best Alternatives to MAC-10 in CoD Mobile

If you’re looking for a great close combat weapon but the MAC-10 doesn’t hit well, the PPSh-41 is also a good choice.

However, if you prefer a shotgun to an SMG, Modern Warfare’s fully automatic JAK-12 or R9-0 are more than good enough.

For more on CoD Mobile, check out our guide to the best settings for multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Image credits: Activision

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