Darth Vader, Indiana Jones and many more featured

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is coming to an end, capping off what was one of the most action-packed and different seasons in the game in early June. With just over a week remaining, many players are looking forward to next season, despite the live event appearing to be a game-changer. With some leaks on what to expect, Chapter 3 Season 3 is shaping up to be exciting.

There have been a lot of leaks about skins and characters coming next season. Darth Vader has long been leaked in the Battle Pass, but a new leak has potentially surfaced showing what is essentially the entire Battle Pass.

The leaker states that there’s a good chance it’s a fake, but otherwise it would be an absolutely wild Battle Pass. Here’s what was shown in the potential leak.

Fortnite Battle Pass screen may have been leaked

If this leak is to be believed, the Battle Pass for Chapter 3 Season 3 will be one of the best ever. Two key characters, Darth Vader and Indiana Jones are in the spotlight.

Darth Vader has long been leaked, and many leakers are pretty sure he’ll be on the Battle Pass. Having Darth Vader as the top skin would make more sense as he is one of the most iconic characters in media history and would drive Battle Pass sales through the roof.

Although not at the same level of popularity, Indiana Jones can boast the same. Indiana Jones is perhaps the most infamous explorer of all time. Its presence in the Fortnite Battle Pass would also see sales skyrocket.

Confirmed: Indiana Jones will also land on Fortnite in Season 3!This information comes from @TaborTimeYTwhich claims that the crossover has been in the works for a long time. #Fortnite https://t.co/HaIs3kePbC

The leak comes from a very popular content creator, Tabor Hill, who was the first to discover and secretly announce that Doctor Strange would be the current season’s Battle Pass skin. If he was right about that, chances are Indiana Jones is coming next season.

However, there is one thing to consider about this new Battle Pass “leak”. Both Indiana Jones and Darth Vader would be considered mega collaborations. They would normally both be the best skins in the pass.

This makes both of their inclusions in the pass less likely. Fortnite would make a lot more money selling both in the Item Shop.

Instead of getting two Iconic skins for 950 V-Bucks (which is roughly $10), players would have to spend 1,500 V-Bucks on just one of the skins. Their cosmetics would cost more too.

Skin concept (Image via GillyJWG on YouTube)
Skin concept (Image via GillyJWG on YouTube)

They are both popular enough that people will buy them no matter what. That’s why it seems unlikely that Epic Games will put them both in the battle pass. Considering that the leaker doubts the authenticity of the information itself, it is highly likely that the leak is fake.

However, the “Assemble Snap” part looks genuine as there’s no way to tell what type of customizable cosmetic Fortnite might have this time around.

Luckily, Fortnite players only have to wait about nine days to find out. The season is expected to start around June 3, 2022.

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