DOTA 2 Singapore International 2022 Battle Pass, New Schedule, Arcana, New Personality and More

Valve has announced a new format for the DOTA 2 TI11 Battle Pass. Traditionally, the Battle Pass is released months before the International.

However, the developers consider that the current schedule was not as satisfactory as it could be.

Valve wants to make days after the tournament ends the best time to play DOTA. Capture the excitement of fans after watching their favorite players lift the Aegis.

Here are the details and our predictions for the DOTA 2 TI11 2022 Battle Pass.

Schedule DOTA 2 Battle Pass TI11

The last two years have been complicated for Valve and the International.

In 2020 the tournament was canceled and a few months before DOTA 2 T10 they had to postpone and move the competition to another country.

So, for the previous International, Valve decided to release two separate Battle Passes.

For this year they return to formula one for the year. Traditionally, the Battle Pass is released in May. However, the next Battle Pass will change the schedule.

Since DOTA 2 International 2022 is in October, we can expect the Battle Pass to go live right after the Arlington Major, around the end of August 2022.

The Battle Pass is likely to work until the months of November Where December.

Battle Pass Pricing

Based on the previous battle pass, players can get three different packages with free tiers to make grinding easier:

  • Level 1 Pack for $9.99
  • Level 50 Pack for $29.35
  • Level 100 Pack for $44.99

Towards the end of the Battle Pass, Valve will sell additional packages with additional EXP to increase player levels.

The Arcane is obtained by reaching level 500 in the Battle Pass.

DOTA 2 TI11 Battle Pass Arcana

We have reason to believe that the DOTA TI 11 Battle Pass Arcana goes for the hero Faceless void. Respond to constant community demand.

Usually the hero with more votes gets the Arcana which is sold in the store and second place is the only Battle Pass feature.

Faceless Void is the only finalist without receiving Arcana, it was second best in 2018 when Rubick won the vote.

New Dragon’s Blood Character

Dragon Blood character Marci is finally being added to competitive DOTA, as part of the changes to the DOTA Plus Summer Refreshment.

Taken from the same anime series, the last two Battle Passes included cosmetics called Personas, based on the character version of Dragon Blood.

Dragon Knight and Mirana are the first adaptations from animation to game, so it is very possible that we will get a new character this year, Lina, Crystal Maiden, Invoker, Winter Wyvern are some candidates.

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