Dr Disrespect claims Halo Infinite has 300 Battle Royale players

According to popular YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect, Halo Infinite is working on a 300-player battle royale mode, but it could troll fans.

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Popular YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect claimed in a recent live broadcast that he has insider knowledge about Infinite halothe potential battle royale mode of. While it has not been officially confirmed whether or not the game will feature a battle royale mode, the streamer reports that Infinite halo will deliver a highly optimized battle royale experience for 300 players.

Infinite haloThe tech preview may be delayed due to multiplayer issues, but that didn’t stop Dr Disrespect from talking about it during a stream with Z_Laner on Twitch. There, Dr Disrespect said he hoped to jump straight into a battle royale game. When this statement was received with a laugh, he went on to explain what he would have known about the mode in question.


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According to Dr Disrespect, Infinite haloThe battle royale mode will allow 300 players, set a loop and feature powerful weapons on the map. The map itself will be designed around powerful weapons, locations, and points of interest, all seemingly well-optimized. Dr Disrespect has expressed interest in making his own battle royale game, which suggests he knows his stuff on the subject. However, Dr Disrespect is also well known for mixing fantasy and reality on his streams, sometimes just to troll fans, so it’s uncertain to what extent this information is actually true.

Dr Disrespect went so far as to refer to the first Alpha Tech Test of Battle Royale mode, stating that if there was anything to be done the end result would be spectacular. However, the lack of confirmation from the developers suggests that Infinite halo may not have a battle royale mode. If so, the streamer is probably just playing around with their viewers. The lack of information available can make it difficult for fans to lean one way or another.

At the time of writing, fans seem divided over Dr. Disrespect’s claims. One Twitter user argued that 300 players seemed too high a number for a battle royale mode, while another countered that it would be doable with a huge open world map and a longer game. Apparently, Infinite halo is slated to be a 10-year-old game, so a battle royale mode may arrive in the future.

Voice files that appear to be from the announcer of a battle royale mode have been discovered in the game code, which could imply that the developers are already working on the mode.

Infinite halo releases December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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