Dragon Ball x Fortnite brings Goku and friends to battle royale

On August 12, the official Fortnite Twitter Account teased the game’s release dragonball collaboration with an image of a glowing golden dragon on the game board with the words ‘Speak. Name your wish…’ accompanied by a confirmation for August 16, 2022.

The silhouette no doubt belongs to the series’ wish-granting dragon – Shenron, with the collab set to arrive the same week as the franchise’s latest film: Dragon Ball Super: superheroes, released August 18.

With from Fortnite latest collaboration, players can finally fulfill their lifelong fantasies of playing as legendary fighters from Dragon Ball Z – like series protagonist Goku and his rival Vegeta, fighting with sticks and using sniper rifles. Or is it just the fantasy of my life?

Event announcement coincides with leaks over a month before official release date announcement – ​​Spanish data miner @FortniteInfESP find items in the game files that were quickly identified as the capsules from dragonball – who have appeared on the show since its first episode.

In the series, pods are devices that can shrink and store objects of various sizes – from helicopters to entire cities, which could suggest they could be used to summon in-game vehicles, or function similarly to the now removed item, the Port-A-Fort.

Although the exact details of the content brought by the update are still unclear, the Twitter user leaks @MidaRado indicate that Goku will join the game’s cast of over a hundred crossover characters alongside Vegeta, Beerus, and an unidentified fourth female character labeled in the game files as “Barium” – presumably Bulma’s character.

Other leaks suggest that beyond the usual array of player skins and cosmetics, there will be a new Creative Mode event, seven weeks of quests (one for each dragon ball, perhaps?) , perks for the new Kame House location, as well as, perhaps most excitingly, a mythic ability that allows players to use the iconic energy blast attack – the Kamehameha.

The tweet’s promotional image may hint at a new, larger point of interest for the island in Fortniteotherwise also a quest to collect the eponymous dragon balls and acquire Shenron’s new items.

It seems there is no end to from Fortnite endurance in collaborating with big names – the Dragon Ball Z the event is preceded by the addition of WWE Superstar John Cena to the game, alongside from Fortnite physical card game appearance Magic: The Gathering.

Updated 9:35 AM AEST 8/19/22

From August 16, 2022, the Dragon Ball collaboration is live, with the characters revealed, along with their respective styles and items, available in-game. August 30, 6 p.m. AEST (4 a.m. ET)which sees players collect the Dragon Balls for rewards – like the Shenron Glider.

Image: Epic Games

Also new are Dragon Ball-themed locations on the island with NPC Bulma, a Dragon Ball tournament, and more.

You can read the full list of changes at from Fortnite official site.

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