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This is Eddie Howe’s first game at the helm of Newcastle on Saturday, reader, and the generally amiable guy was probably very relieved to be back on less bumpy ground at his press conference on Friday after being tortured through his disclosure, when asked countless times about his thoughts on human rights violations in Saudi Arabia. Back then, a man The Fiver always considered a smart, calm, and likeable bloke turned as red in the cheeks as a fictional schoolboy as he repeated the phrase “it’s a football decision” so often that he could have been mistaken for the string puppet of a bloody regime. What? Oh.

With Friday’s press conference kicking off before the sun had barely risen, our real news reporting cousin, Scoop Fiver, couldn’t ask any tough questions, so Howe was free. to stick to what he prefers and “block out the noise” of that. other things. After calming down the proceedings with a bit of a tick – “I’ll treat the club like it’s my own family… I’m all here” – it went to a disastrous level of performance, which has them left mired in relegation. dirt. With the memory of his failure to save Bournemouth still relatively fresh on his mind, is Howe having sleepless nights over another low-end battle royale? “I don’t tend to have trouble sleeping,” he yawned. “At Bournemouth every year we were in a relegation battle… so I’ve been in post a couple of times. It’s not pleasant… it’s not where I want to be but… relying on past experience is going to be helpful. I have no illusions about our current situation and what we need to do.

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What they need to do is start winning matches, which they haven’t done in any competition all season – not even the Rumbelows Cup! With reports that Howe has worked so hard with the players in training that some have been on their knees, we can probably expect a bit more pace in their game when they host Brentford. Although The Fiver’s eyebrows were raised to similar levels to Ancelotti’s when we heard him reserve special praise for legendary No.9 Joelinton and red card magnet Jonjo Shelvey. “When you work with him you realize he’s an amazing technician and can play all kinds of passes, long and short,” Howe honked from a man The Fiver wouldn’t trust to deliver a letter. , not to mention a full 90 minutes on a soccer ball. ground. “In terms of philosophy, he is someone who will be very important to us.”

It’s a bold cry, given that many Newcastle fans consider him and Joelinton to be a liability, but Howe can only work with what he has until January, so why not do them explode smoke? The new St James’ Park man also said he had “only seen Newcastle in the dark so far”. For Howe’s sake, we hope he’s referring to the city and not the team, as watching this group of misfits in the harsh light of day might come as a shock.


“If you think of me, I’ve never smiled on the pitch, I’ve never smiled in 20 years. I have never seen football as a joy. Then, when I left football, I was able to become me and get rid of it. I used to take it home at night and it ruined my week, like all of us.

Gary Neville, happy at home, later. Photograph: Football Business Awards / Getty Images


“Has anyone followed the case of Edward McClung, 50, who claims he was turned down for jobs because of his unconditional support for the Pope’s Newc O’Rangers?” Ingeniously, he argues that this is discrimination against the Equality Act 2010 on the grounds that his support constitutes a philosophical belief.. I know The Fiver cherishes its philosophical credentials and will want to follow this story to the end with all the glorious consequences that may ensue for football fans across the country “- Tom Harrison.

Continuing the theme of players lining up to create a sentence (five letters passim), in 2014, QPR signed Jordon Mutch to play alongside Richard Dunne and Yun Suk-young. I’m not sure if any commentator has ever managed to unroll the special line ‘Dunne to Mutch, Mutch to Yun’, but that seems unlikely given that this season’s QPR team couldn’t get two assists together ” – Richard de Winter.

“If you create FiverCoin (yesterday’s Fiver), will transactions, security and payments be up to your current standards for punctuality and accuracy?” Because if it does… eh ”- Seth Kleinschmidt.

“Regarding Wayne Rooney making moves in the NFT (yesterday’s Fiver) world, I would like to point out that Roy Keane has been distributing near-fatal tackles for years” – Declan Houton.

Send your letters to [email protected] And you can still tweet The Fiver via @guardian_sport. Today’s winner of our invaluable letter of the day is… Richard de Winter.


Sydney Leroux’s mother says abuse and bullying in Canadian football drove her daughter to the United States.

Werder Bremen coach Markus Anfang has denied using a fake Covid-19 vaccination certificate after German authorities opened an investigation. “I really hope this problem will be resolved quickly,” Anfang said.

Markus Anfang disguises himself.
Markus Anfang disguises himself. Photograph: Carmen Jaspersen / Reuters

Meanwhile, Kevin De Bruyne has Covid and will miss Manchester City’s games against Everton and PSG.

The Premier League has struck a deal with NBC worth $ 2 billion wholesale for rights in the United States! UNITED STATES!! UNITED STATES!!!

Conor Gallagher can look forward to a Tommy T Valentine’s Day card next year if those quotes hold true. “I liked him from day one,” exclaimed the Chelsea boss of the midfielder he loaned to Crystal Palace. “Humble, kind, a smile on his face and always ready to give everything.”

Jürgen Klopp is a man after The Fiver’s heart. “I hate international breaks,” he shouted before revealing that Jordan Henderson and Andy Robertson still haven’t practiced after their talented comeback.

And Roger Lemerre, 80, [actually 80 – Fiver Ed] is back in the game, baby, after taking charge of the Tunisian team Etoile Sahel.


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Here is.
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