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Pokemon Unite just started its seventh season since its initial launch. This comes with new gameplay and content updates, providing excitement for both new players and returning players. Among these new contents is notably the introduction of the Season 7 Battle Passoffering an all new theme and rewards.

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Title Pokebuki, this Japanese-inspired Battle Pass offers players a variety of new and unique rewards. Ranging from cosmetic items to Pokemon Holowear, players can complete specific challenges to earn multiple rewards during the seventh season of Pokemon Unite. Learn everything it takes to maximize the rewards you can earn for the duration of the Season 7 Battle Pass.


Battle Pass Price and Duration

The Season 7 Battle Pass will be active for just over a month and will remain available until June 8, 2022. Players will be able to complete a variety of challenges, increase your Battle Pass Tier, and earn several exclusive rewards.

Players can choose from two different tiers of this Battle Pass: either standard, free battle passor the Premium Battle Pass, forcing you to spend money. If you opt for the paid route, you can purchase the Premium Pass for 490 Aeos Gems or the Premium Pass Plus for 840 Aeos Gems, the latter granting you a 10-tier Battle Pass boost upon purchase. If you choose the free Battle Pass route, you will earn 29 total rewards to complete this Battle Pass, while those who pay for the Premium Battle Pass will receive 60 awards. Additionally, players who have purchased the Premium Battle Pass will have more challenges available to them than those who have not paid, making it easier to progress through this season’s Battle Pass.

The rewards obtained through the free Battle Pass route will mainly consist of in-game currency and a few cosmetic items; while the Premium Pass route contains the majority of exclusive cosmetics and Holowear for this season.

Battle Pass Missions

You will need to complete the various Battle Pass Missions to earn points and increase your Battle pass level. The requirements for these missions range from simple tasks like logging in or participating in battles, to more complex challenges like ones that require you to complete many matches or score many points over the course of the entire season. You will be rewarded with a set number of Battle Pass Points depending on the challenge completed, increasing your Battle Pass level each time. 100 Battle Pass Points are accumulated.

There are three categories of Battle Pass missions: Daily, Weeklyand Seasonal. Daily missions will contain less complex tasks; while weekly and seasonal missions present you with longer-term challenges. Daily and Weekly Missions will reset after their respective timeouts, replacing existing challenges with a set of new ones, with similar requirements. Seasonal Missions can be completed throughout the Season 7 Battles Pass and are provided below with corresponding Battle Pass Points awarded upon completion.

Season 7 Battle Pass: Seasonal Missions
Assignment Reward
Make a total of 150 assists 200 BP points
Knock out Zapdos a total of 10 times 100 BP points
Score a total of 2,500 points 200 BP points
Log a total of 21 days 200 BP points
Participate in 1 battle 100 BP points
Participate in 2 battles 100 BP points
Participate in 5 battles 100 BP points
Participate in 10 battles 100 BP points
Participate in 15 battles 100 BP points
Participate in 25 battles 100 BP points
Participate in 35 battles 200 BP points
Win 1 battle 100 BP points
Win 2 battles 100 BP points
Win 5 battles 100 BP points
Win 7 battles 100 BP points
Win 10 battles 100 BP points
Win 13 battles 100 BP points
Use a Unite Move 80 times (premium mission) 150 BP points

Some daily, weekly and seasonal missions will be labeled “Premium missions.” These missions can only be completed and redeemed if you have purchased the Premium Pass or Premium Pass Plus.

Battle Pass Rewards

There are 60 total rewards available in the Season 7 Battle Pass, each unlocked by reaching one of the 60 Battle Pass Tiers. These rewards include various in-game currencies, cosmetic items for your trainer, and Pokemon Holowear. Your Battle Pass Level will increase each time you reach 100 Battle Pass Points, earned through the various missions available. All Season 7 Battle Pass rewards are provided below along with their Battle Pass Tier, and whether it is a Free or Premium Battle Pass reward.

Level Reward Free/Premium
1 Ninja Style: Charizard Prime
2 200 Aeos Coins Free
3 30 item boosters Prime
4 150 Aeos tickets Free
5 Frame (Pokebuki-style) Prime
6 15 item boosters Free
seven 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
8 200 Aeos Coins Free
9 30 item boosters Prime
ten Pokebuki Set: Headgear Prime
11 15 item boosters Free
12 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
13 15 item boosters Free
14 Background (Pokebuki Style) Prime
15 15 item boosters Free
16 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
17 200 Aeos Coins Free
18 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
19 15 item boosters Free
20 Phrase (Pokebuki-style) Prime
21 150 Aeos tickets Free
22 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
23 15 item boosters Free
24 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
25 200 Aeos Coins Free
26 30 item boosters Prime
27 150 Aeos tickets Free
28 30 item boosters Prime
29 15 item boosters Free
30 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
31 15 item boosters Free
32 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
33 15 item boosters Free
34 Sticker (Pokebuki Style) Prime
35 15 item boosters Free
36 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
37 200 Aeos Coins Free
38 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
39 15 item boosters Free
40 Pose (Pokebuki-style) Prime
41 150 Aeos tickets Free
42 30 item boosters Prime
43 150 Aeos tickets Free
44 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
45 15 item boosters Free
46 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
47 15 item boosters Free
48 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
49 150 Aeos tickets Free
50 Pokebuki set: tops and bottoms Prime
51 15 item boosters Free
52 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
53 15 item boosters Free
54 30 item boosters Prime
55 15 item boosters Free
56 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
57 15 item boosters Free
58 300 Aeos Tickets Prime
59 15 item boosters Free
60 Pokebuki Style: Blastoise Prime

Even after reaching Battle Pass Tier 60 and earning all the rewards, you can still redeem your Battle Pass Points for Battle Pass Prize Boxes. After reaching level 60 in this season’s Battle Pass, you will earn a Battle Pass Prize Box for each 130 battle pass points that you win; giving you the opportunity to redeem up to 27 of these boxes during the season. The following rewards can be obtained by opening the Battle Pass Prize Boxes, which vary in probability of occurrence.

Reward Chance to appear
100 Aeos Coins 3%
80 Aeos Coins ten%
50 Aeos Coins 12%
10 Holowear tickets 3%
5 Holowear tickets 5%
2 Holowear tickets ten%
20 Fashion Tickets 5%
10 Fashion Tickets ten%
4 Fashion Tickets 15%
10 item boosters 3%
8 Item Amplifiers ten%
5 item boosters 12%

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