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Mobile shooters were once a novelty act – an insignificant fantasy flouted by both developers and mobile users. That’s far from true today, but the genre still lags behind PC or console shooter games. The Blitz team is here to change that. The first release from the studio, First fight, softly launched in the Philippines on July 25 with a weak but positive response.

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The Blitz engine

There are hundreds of mobile shooters available at Apple and Google Play stores, but First fight offers something different. Blitz Team founded the studio and conceptualized the game with one goal in mind: to create a shooter that levels the playing field between mobile and traditional platforms. They achieved this by creating their own game engine: the Blitz Engine.

It’s no secret that genre goliaths use custom engines in order to give themselves maximum control over game development. But mobile shooters have historically used Unreal or Unity engines as the framework for designing a game. Bringing a wealth of experience working with Big Fish Games and Electronic Arts, the members of the Blitz team knew that in order to upgrade mobile shooters they would need a new state-of-the-art engine. of technology. of their own design. First fight is the result.


So how does all of this translate into the gameplay? First fight is your standard third-person shooter (first person when ADS), but the graphics and mechanics seem to be a cut above what’s currently available in the App Store. Currently, there are four maps to alternate between, with a 6v6 demolition being the only game mode available. That will change as they prepare for their global release, but it’s enough to give you a good idea of First fightthe capabilities of.

Overall the game is almost Battlefield-esque, with a clean HUD and intuitive menus. They haven’t given fans much to hang on to, but the teaser offers a preview of the look of the game, if nothing else. The developers have also just launched their Discord server and Facebook page – actively seeking feedback before it goes global.

What the hell are the bonuses?

Bounties are simply universal avatars with unique abilities. There are three Specialists to choose from at the start of the game: Shock, Vityaz, and Vision. Unlockable in that order, each comes with its own loadout and specialist ability. Shock, for example, spawns with an MK16 and SMG-10, and his ability is a tactical grenade that temporarily blinds and disrupts the abilities of targeted players (it’s essentially a stun grenade).

shock-combat main character

Guns, attachments, health and armor are improved by winning games and leveling up or opening supply crates in the game. For each win you get a certain number of credits, which can be used to make purchases.

How much does the game cost?

The game is free to play, but there are subscription models and paid upgrades. IAPs will help you level up, unlock bounties, and upgrade your weapons at a much faster rate. When it comes to supply drops, the ones you can unlock yourself usually come with attachments. To unlock a crate that will help you expand your arsenal of weapons, you will need to pay. If you are confident in your ability to win games, paying for upgrades is a waste of time considering how quickly you can earn credits and rank on your own.

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Even if First fight is still a work in progress, you can already tell how much of a difference Blitz Team’s custom engine made in terms of game performance. Between console-level graphics and refined gameplay, Blitz Team takes a definite step forward. in the world of mobile shooting games. Is there room to grow? Sure. Mobile shooters may never be able to compete with their counterparts on PC or console, but First fight bridges the gap.

You will need a VPN for To download First fight before the global launch.

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