Fall Guys is the perfect Battle Royale game for Nintendo Switch

fall guys has been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason. Its free versions have been both exciting and controversial because although they have rejuvenated the game by appealing to a whole new group of players, fall guys‘ The free battle pass irritated many. Along with this major change for the game, Mediatonic brought it to more platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

Whereas fall guys might not look as good on the Switch as it does on other platforms, there are huge upsides to this version of the bean-centric game show. If fans are looking for an entertaining Battle Royale experience that’s as easy to play on Switch as they are on other platforms, fall guys worth more than downloading.


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Fall Guys Switch Flaws Are Worth It

As mentioned above, fall guys on Switch is visually set back from versions seen on other consoles, which is understandable. With so many beans on screen and so many moves going on, the Switch’s limited graphics capabilities lead to a game with a few visual flaws. However, this is expected and the issues never affect gameplay. The only times the game’s graphics look rough are on the elimination screen at the end of the round and when observing other players, as their bean movement can often bug. During these two moments, the player is not in control, which is important.

When players actually play fall guys on Switch it feels just as good as it does on other platforms. Players have full control over their beans, and it’s just as easy to read arenas and see what’s going on. Whenever it matters, the game looks good and matches have been running smoothly since fall guys‘ the server issues have been resolved. be able to play fall guys anywhere around the house or on the go is worth slightly longer load times, and being able to sneak in an extra game in bed can be great for those who want to progress through the battle pass or earn extra kudos before heading out. to sleep.

Fall Guys’ simplistic gameplay makes it more fun to play on Switch than other Battle Royales

fall guys isn’t the only battle royale game on Nintendo Switch, though it’s arguably the most fun to play. This is because players never feel at a disadvantage, which cannot be said for other battle royale titles on the platform. Aim in an FPS like Apex Legends is much harder on the Nintendo Switch, for example, and that lack of precision could make it much harder to beat fights, especially against those playing with a Pro controller. build in Fortnite is another example, as players will be much slower on the Switch than they would on other consoles or PCs.

fall guys‘ Simplistic controls ensure that the game feels perfectly fine on Nintendo Switch. Players don’t need to show off their gun skills or building expertise, as all they need to do is press a few buttons to jump over obstacles, run forward, or grab objects. fall guys Being a game designed for everyone to play and have fun means it translates well to the Switch, completely avoiding the shortcomings of the platform’s other battle royale offerings.

Aside from the slightly longer load times and sometimes ugly visuals, fall guys on the Nintendo Switch, it’s great. Like many other games on Switch, it suits the system’s portability, as players can enjoy a ten-minute game while sitting on a bus or waiting for a friend in a mall. While many would advise against actively playing something like Fortnite Where Apex Legends on the Switch, the same cannot be said for fall guysas it largely feels the same on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

fall guys is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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