Fall Guys’ new Battle Pass has a big problem

A Redditor showed his progress between 1 and 5 rounds. Passing the first round earned them 24 fame points. Meanwhile, making it to the final round and winning a crown totaled 104. “Might as well lose in the first round to save time,” the user wrote.

In this case, they argue that it is easier and faster to lose the first round five times in a row than to seriously try to win every round to qualify for the 104 Fame Finals. Mediatonic is still adapting to free-to-play, which means finding ways to keep gamers coming back for more. So are the daily and weekly challenges, which seem to backfire on players who enjoyed the minigame-filled grind.

That’s not the only complaint, however. “There’s no stats or leaderboards, so they’re not even tracked. And since they removed kudos as a reward, you no longer earn bonus kudos and apparently you gain more or less the same fame , whatever medal you get,” complained another user. Medals served as a “bonus” for reaching a certain placement in a round. There are 60 players per game, so if you finish a round first, you get a medal as a reward. However, that incentive no longer exists, so there’s no additional reward for finishing classes earlier than everyone else (besides earning a crown in the final round).

While players are already finding fault with the new “improved” version of “Fall Guys”, I hope Mediatonic takes notice.

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