Fast-Paced Battle Royale Bloodhunt Releases Today For PS5 And PC

Following the exciting news we received about Vampire: The Masquerade – Golden Bloodhunt last week, Sharkmob AB has finally released its free-to-play Battle Royale on PlayStation 5 and PC platforms, such as Steam, and it’s streaming via GeForce NOW. Alongside the launch, players can grab the Season 1 Battle Pass on April 29, featuring over 100 items like XP boosts and Tokens.

After successful early access in 2021, players can return to this bloodthirsty third-person action shooter and conquer the streets of Prague as a vampire. You’ll be armed to the teeth with supernatural powers, weapons, and your own wits as you go head-to-head with other players. There are up to 13 supported languages ​​for the game, from English to Japanese to Portuguese, and players can choose a clan to pledge allegiance to that matches how you want to define your playstyle.

If you need a boost or want further customization, the Season 1 Battle Pass for Bloodhunt will offer bonus XP and tokens that players can use to customize their characters to the finest detail. . The Battle Pass will cost around $9.99 when it becomes available.

Another surprising addition to the release was the Sharkmob AB and NVIDIA team, helping bring Bloodhunt to the GeForce NOW streaming service on PC. The service won’t be available right away, but will come after today’s game release. Despite the setbacks and unfortunate bugs that can disrupt Bloodhunt’s launch, Sharkmob CEO Fredrik Rundqvist shared his excitement for the release:

“We are very proud to finally launch Bloodhunt! The team did an amazing job and it’s quite an achievement to be able to release a game of this quality as a first studio release.

Are you planning to try Bloodhunt today? Tell us about your experience below! Whether a PC or PS5 player, you can find more information about Bloodhunt via their website.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones, news editor
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