Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Battle Royale Now Available On Mobile


If there’s one thing that’s absolutely certain, it’s that Square Enix loves money and is willing to travel to strange places to find it. Thereby, Final fantasy battle royale Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is officially available for Android and iOS mobile devices, and there’s a new 15-second promotional video to start the hype. The premise is basically that the players are all SOLDIER candidates trying to prove their worth to the program by fighting it with all kinds of weapons and magic.

Iconic Final Fantasy VII places like Seventh Heaven, Corneo’s Mansion and Honeybee Inn become battlegrounds, against other players and roaming monsters. Defeating monsters grants experience that unlocks new weapons, and during a match you can also engage in Chocobo Ride and Esper Summon. (Ifrit is given as an example of summoning.) As in almost all good Royal Battles, you can also customize your character’s “outfits and accessories”, get various weapon and vehicle skins, emotes, and Moreover. Here are the five different classes to play as in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, now that everyone can enjoy it:

  • warrior – The strength of this style comes from close range melee attacks.
  • Wizard – Specialized in mid-range AoE attacks; the basic magic spells of this Fire, Blizzard and Thunder style are activated.
  • Monk – A high vitality style with self-healing and shielding abilities.
  • Tidy – Skillful at searching for enemies and shooting them from afar.
  • Ninja – Perfect for stealth attacks and ambushes, this style is equipped with double jump.

Because of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier reaching two million pre-registrations, various login bonus rewards have been unlocked for players, such as chocobo egg, Shinra mask skin, Shinra bike skin, Shinra utility vehicle skin, and skin Shinra helicopter. And it doesn’t even stop there:

Additionally, special introductory sales are available for a limited time, including Cloud, Tifa, and Security Guard-based packs containing skins and emotes that allow players to customize their characters. Players have the option to unlock the Season Pass to access epic rewards, including skins like Rufus from FINAL FANTASY VII DISCOUNT, Scorpion Sentinel, Unknown Entity and more.

I hardly ever play games on mobile, but now that Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier came out, maybe I should try it on Android.

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