Fortnite Battle Pass: All Chapter 3 Season 2 Skins

The Fortnite battle pass is always a highlight of any new season. Chromium presides over everything in Chapter 3 Season 4 – AKA Fortnite Paradise. It’s up to you (and a host of new characters) to defeat him or crush the opponents.

Fortnite Battle Royale is an ever-evolving beast with many content drops over seasonal periods. The recent crossover event with Dragon Ball Z brought even more hype to the already popular PVP game, and this season has already been a hit.

With Spider-Man’s beloved Gwen Stacey presented in her Spider form, there are plenty of new items to unlock in the new battle pass, whether or not you’re an MCU enthusiast.

This guide will walk you through everything you can find in this season’s battle pass, from skins to back bling, emotes, and more, which means you can save up your precious V-bucks before continuing and to splurge on the pass.

However, if you’re looking for the latest event-specific cosmetics news, you’ll want to check out the latest Fortified skins for a full description of each character available to unlock!

Think you’re ready to get started? Let’s review the contents of the Fortnite Paradise battle pass.

Fortnite Battle Pass: all unlockables from Chapter 3 Season 4

Fortnite Battle Pass: All Chapter 3 Season 3 Skins

Spider-Gwen is a familiar face coming to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass

(Image credit: epic games)

If you’re about to purchase the latest Battle Pass, here’s an overview of each of the unlockable characters and skins, along with their location in the Battle Pass:

Character Battle Pass Location Variant location
Paradigm Obtained by purchasing the Battle Pass Sparring suit (page 3), moonrise battle suit (page 7), ocean camouflage (page 9) – all for 8 stars each
Bytes Page 2, bought for 9 stars Wanderer (page 3, 8 stars), Pony Tails (page 3, 4 stars), Lone Traveler (page 4, 8 stars)
grriz Page 4, bought for 9 stars Wild Beary comes as an extra skin
meow skulls Page 5, bought for 9 stars Cloud Nine (page 8, 8 stars)
Rose Lennox Page 6, 7 stars Fresh Vandal (page 7, 8 stars)
Twyn Page 8, 9 stars Scanned (page 9, 8 stars)
Spider-Gwen Complete the battle pass, spend 9 stars N / A

Fortnite Battle Pass: Chapter 3 Season 4 Items

Fortnite Paradise skins including Bytes and Spider Gwen

(Image credit: Epic Games)

In addition to cool character skins, the battle pass contains a huge range of gliders, tools, and emotes to outfit your character in the best seasonal clothes stars can buy.

Here’s an overview of each, excluding the cosmetics and styles described above:

Article Type Battle Pass Location
Lunar Defender Pickaxe Page 1
Paradigm shift Wrap Page 1
Paradigm Ascension Loading screen Page 1
The power within Spray Page 1
Lunar Hyperjet Back Bling Page 1
hero heart emoticon Page 1
Para-diving Streak Page 1
100 V-bucks Currency Page 1
The gift of nothing Pickaxe Page 2
chrome fire Glider Page 2
Stinger Bundle Back Bling Page 2
Chrome marking Wrap Page 2
always watch Loading screen Page 2
dollars 200V Currency Page 2
chrome summoner Emote Page 3
The burnished bus Loading screen Page 3
lunar skypan Glider Page 3
mad mask Spray Page 3
Nothing is right emoticon Page 3
200 V-bucks Currency Page 3
Grizzy Gooper Pickaxe Page 4
Hot slurp balloon Glider Page 4
The Ballad of Lil Grriz Music Page 4
Game over Loading screen Page 4
bear claws Streak Page 4
Grriz Grin emoticon Page 4
100 V-bucks Currency Page 4
slurpmatic Wrap page 5
Sardeenz Back Bling page 5
Fishbone Flayer Pickaxe page 5
Laser focused Emote page 5
Small surprise fries Loading screen page 5
Claws emoticon page 5
Cozy cats Glider page 5
100 V-bucks Currency page 5
Bun Bun Bang Bang Back Bling page 6
spine vinyl Wrap page 6
drop of hops Streak page 6
Come get me Emote page 6
Pink Light Daggers Pickaxe page 6
welcome to Paradise Loading screen page 6
200 V-bucks Currency page 6
Card Magnorepulser Glider page 7
OMG i love it Emote page 7
Read the manga Loading screen page 7
Watchu Say? emoticon page 7
Buttoned Wrap page 7
100 V-bucks Currency page 7
Electrostatic impactor Pickaxe page 8
Polysynth kite Glider page 8
call it bad luck Music page 8
Electro Guard Pack Back Bling page 8
MEW-FO Loading screen page 8
Meow-ow-ow Spray page 8
200 V-bucks Currency page 8
Twyn/Stryder Loading screen page 9
electric trap Wrap page 9
Charged and ready Spray page 9
Portal particles Streak page 9
200 V-bucks Currency page 9
Arachrobatic Emotes page 10
Meanwhile… Back Bling page 10
Mid-Swing Spray page 10
Gwen’s parachute Glider page 10
web of life Loading screen page 10
spider net Pickaxe page 10
Good game Gwen emoticon page 10
100 V-bucks Currency page 10

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