Fortnite Battle Pass: All Chapter 3 Season 2 Skins

The Fortnite battle pass is always a highlight of any new season. With Chapter 3 Season 3, players can unlock new skins and items while kicking back with the Vibin’ Battle Pass for the perfect summer getaway.

Fortnite Battle Royale is an ever-evolving beast with many content drops over seasonal periods. Last season’s Marvel skins caused a stir, with Doctor Strange and The Prowler forming the ranks alongside some original Fortnite characters. This season is no exception.

With famous faces like Darth Vader and Indiana Jones, there’s plenty to explore in the new battle pass for the hardcore sci-fi and action fans that make up the Fortnite community.

This guide will walk you through everything you can find in this season’s battle pass, from skins to items and more, so you can save up your precious V-bucks before you go on and splurge on the pass. .

However, if you’re looking for the latest event-specific cosmetics news, you’ll want to check out the latest Fortified Skins for all things Dragon Ball Z and more!

Think you’re ready to get started? Let’s review the contents of this season’s Fortnite battle pass.

Fortnite Battle Pass: all unlockables from Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite Battle Pass: All Chapter 3 Season 3 Skins

Darth Vader in Fortnite

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you’re about to purchase the latest Battle Pass, here’s an overview of each of the unlockable characters and skins, along with their location in the Battle Pass:

Character Battle Pass Location Variant location
Evie Obtained by purchasing the Battle Pass Its Syndicate Couture and Neon Couture variants both cost 8 stars and can be unlocked on pages 2 and 9 respectively.
Instantaneous Unlocked on the first page of the Battle Pass It has 13 customizable rooms to unlock, which require three Tover tokens per room to unlock. These can be collected as you play.
adira Unlocked after clearing page 3 for 9 stars The Infiltrator variant can be unlocked for 8 stars on page 4.
Stormfarer Unlocked on page 5 for 9 stars. The Storm Brawler variant is available on page 7 for 8 stars.
Malik Can be purchased on page 6 for 9 stars. The Exalted Skin variant is also available, this time on page 7 for 8 stars.
Sabine Can be unlocked on page 8 for 9 stars. Burning Ember is on page 9 for 8 stars.
IndianaJones Complete his Indiana Jones quests N / A
dark Vador Only unlocked on page 10 for 9 stars. N / A

Fortnite Battle Pass: Chapter 3 Season 3 Items

Stormfarer skin (Storm Brawler) in Fortnite

(Image credit: Epic Games)

In addition to cool character skins, the battle pass contains a huge range of gliders, tools, and emotes to outfit your character in the best seasonal clothes stars can buy.

Here’s an overview of each, excluding the cosmetics and styles described above:

Article Type Battle Pass Location
Double hit Loading screen Page 1
Matching Blades harvesting tool Page 1
100 V-bucks Currency Page 1
Run away emoticon Page 1
The syndicate Music Page 1
utility claymore harvesting tool Page 2
Match Loading screen Page 2
100 V-bucks Currency Page 2
Battle mode Spray Page 2
Eh ? emoticon Page 2
Explode Emote Page 2
Articulated blade wing Glider Page 3
pop it Music Page 3
Bucks 100V (x2) Currency Page 3
Last stop Loading screen Page 3
Dragon Rune Spear/Style Harvesting/styling tool Page 3 / 4
Ugh! emoticon Page 3
Arm-y Guy Emote Page 3
Dragon Rider / Infiltrator Glider/Style Page 4
200 V-bucks Currency Page 4
Adira and the dragon Loading screen Page 4
start the dance Emote Page 4
Dragon Spirit Spray Page 4
100 V-bucks Currency page 5
Valley of the Champi-Nites Loading screen page 5
wrapped in love emoticon page 5
Storm Glider page 5
200 V-bucks Currency page 6
The King’s Oath harvesting tool page 6
It’s finish Emote page 6
sovereign griffin Glider page 6
200 V-bucks Currency page 7
The tree Loading screen page 7
Constant Emote page 7
Charge! emoticon page 7
wind ramp Glider page 8
The Widow’s Promise harvesting tool page 8
distressed emoticon page 8
Spinning Top Shuriken Emote page 8
100 V-bucks Currency page 8
you are next Spray page 8
Long drive home Music page 9
200 V-bucks Currency page 9
We are vibrating now Loading screen page 9
Lord Vader Spray page 9
100 V-bucks Currency page 10
Sith Ascension Loading screen page 10
Vader’s Saber emoticon page 10
Seal of the Empire harvesting tool page 10
Imperial March Emote page 10
Lamba-class shuttle Glider page 10

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