The v19.40 update brings a brand new device to the Guard Spawner! In addition to the Guard Spawner, Fortnite updated several additional devices and introduced island trailers to Fortnite Discover in the v19.40 update.


Great news, the island trailers are now live v19.40! Be sure to check out the Submit Your Fortnite Creative Island for Discover blog post for all the updated criteria for trailers when submitting your island.

If you have already uploaded an island trailer with your island through the Discover submission form, your trailer will automatically launch above the game thumbnail when a player selects your island in Discover. If you need to update your island trailer, it is recommended that you resubmit your island with the updated trailer using the Discover submission form.

Also, audio will not be supported at launch. Additionally, if a trailer is uploaded, it will replace the current render image when a player expands your game for more. Your image and video are both important to attract players to your game. However, if you only want to use an image for your experience, do not add a trailer when using the submission form.


Be careful ! Or at least tell your players to be, since this update sees the full release of the Guard Spawner on Fortnite Creative. The Guard Spawner shares a lot in common with the Creature Spawner, so if you’re used to working with Fiends, you’ll master Guards in no time. We’ll let you figure out all the details for yourself, but some of the system’s highlights include:

  • Choose from 8 different guard skins.
  • Drop a compatible weapon or consumable on the guard spawner for guards in that spawner to equip.
    • Add multiple items for guards to randomly select from the available pool.
    • Use the Guard filter on the weapon and consumable inventory screens to find items compatible with the Guard Spawner.
  • Control the patrol radius around the spawner.
  • Assign guards to teams.
  • Adjust many of their attributes, including Awareness, Accuracy, and Health.
  • The maximum number of guards that can be active is 30 – this is a separate limit from the limits for demons and animals.
  • Several other devices, including Elimination Manager and Mutator Zone, have been updated to allow them to properly interact with guards.

As a bonus, here are some tips from the Fortnite design team:

  • Friendly fire settings affect guards as well as players, so be careful with them!
  • Sneaky Snowman, Creeping Cardboard and other hidden objects will allow players to avoid being spotted…as long as they don’t move when the guards look at them!
  • Avoid placing the spawner on very uneven ground or in places where orientation is likely to be an issue.
  • Avoid spawning too many guards in a small radius, as this could hurt performance on some platforms and cause path finding issues.
  • When patrol settings are off, guards act as sentries, but move when they spot someone or engage in combat.

Known Issues: Guard kills are currently not tracked correctly by the Tracker device.


Incoming! We have added a new device to allow you to create your own refuelings with a multitude of configuration options. Now you can rain gifts on your players for them to cheer or quarrel – the choice is yours!

  • Add your own selection of items.
  • Configure where and how often it drops.
  • Add class and team restrictions.
  • Extensive trigger/receiver support.


The ability to disable matchmaking has been available on the Round Settings device for some time now. With this update, Fortnite has now added the ability to turn it back on too! Combined with the recently released Player Counter feature, you can now monitor the number of players in your game and turn on and off the flow of new players to keep your game running at your ideal capacity.


  • The Tracker Device now has the ability to persist data between sessions, allowing you to create longer, more complex quests or tasks that can be completed across multiple game sessions.
    • This includes options for resolving conflicts when multiple players have shared trackers with different amounts of progress.


  • The Item Granter has two new features added:
    • You can now choose to have granted items spawn in a player’s slot rather than directly in their inventory – useful if you want a player to leave a breadcrumb trail or just to allow other players to pick up the object when granted.
    • You can now choose to simply not grant items if the player’s inventory is full, rather than automatically dropping excess items to the player’s location.


  • Several new options have been added to the Campfire:
    • You can now allow players to stoke the fire (add fuel) while it’s still burning, rather than having to wait for it to run out before reigniting it.
    • Campfire can now repel enemy demons and animals. Enemies that enter the Campfire’s area of ​​effect run away for a few seconds before attempting to catch up to targets.
    • Campfire can now also damage demons and animals that enter its area of ​​effect.


  • Added some fantastic background music tracks to the radio device.
  • Added support for larger resource counts in the UI and increased the maximum resource cap to 2.1 billion.
    • This applies to gold coins and other resources, but not building materials such as wood, stone, and metal.


  • Added 3 new prefabs
    • Background Snow Dunes Small
    • Background Snow Dunes Medium
    • Great background snow dunes
  • Added 3 new galleries
    • Gallery of snow dunes in the background
    • Tall Grass Gallery A – The tall grass featured in the Chapter 3 Battle Royale map
    • Tall Grass Gallery B – A unique creative take on tall grass
  • Added International Women’s Day Flag to General Props Gallery A

Known Issues: We are aware of a hardware issue occurring when using Snow Dunes in the background on the Nintendo Switch.


  • Fixed an issue with a corrupted Trim resource from The Spire set.
  • Fixed an issue with The Spire Base, from The Spire Tower Gallery, feeling like metal when walked on.
  • Fixed a material resource issue with the circular rug in The Spire set.
  • Fixed an issue with Piano Gallery build items outside of the blue preview volume.


  • Fixed an issue that caused damageable props to become unrepairable.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the VOF from igniting when above ground level.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the button device to not properly rest the fishing area.
  • Fixed an issue with the ATK vehicle spawner causing it to get stuck in place.
  • Fixed an issue with devices using the Light Beam to properly collide with environments after being scaled.
  • Fixed an issue with the item giver that prevented it from granting items to players when using the random setting.
  • Fixed an issue where Campfires could not be placed


  • Fixed an issue when changing teams that caused players to see the change above the number of players.
  • Fixed an issue that caused campfires to appear extinguished for players joining in progress
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be returned to the UI after the in-game matchmaking timer expired.
  • Fixed an issue where Creative mode team select settings would not carry over when starting the game
  • Fixed an issue where fires were not damaging players in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from repairing burning structures
  • Fixed an issue where wildlife would not navigate correctly when indestructible walls were hidden
  • Several fixed issues regarding supply drops


  • Fixed an issue where the XP reward UI was not displaying correctly
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