Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 removes Building from Battle Royale

epic games has kicked off the new season of its long-running battle royale game, Fortnite. Titled “Resistance,” the update removes the ability to build defensive structures and adds a bunch of skins, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Doctor Strange.

The trailer follows a similar style to others, where we see a group of characters from the game go head-to-head against each other. That is until a mysterious woman walks in, pulls out a weird gadget, and clears all signs of player-built structures. The building aspect is one of Fortnite’s core elements, acting as a defensive measure during tense moments.

However, in the official blog post, Epic Games stated that the build was “ruined” and added a new mechanic called Overshield. It is unclear if the building aspect will be disabled from the start of a match or if it is a special event that occurs after a certain time. But the new tool serves as an additional layer of shield designed to take damage before the default shield and health are hit. Moreover, it recovers automatically when it is reduced to 0.

This time, Fortnite also incorporates a unique voting system, where players can fund the Resistance in exchange for useful in-game tools. Players can choose between a light turret and a heavy turret – the former can be mounted on a vehicle , while the second can be configured to deal slow but heavy doses of damage.

Players could also bring in their earned gold bars to fund the iconic Battle Bus, which now looks like a Mad Max vehicle, thanks to its punch-boosting Cow Catcher. Once fully funded, the bus can be found in Resistance occupied areas on the map and can be driven.

Other changes include increased sprint speeds, the ability to climb higher areas with bare hands (parkour), and one could even hit doors with one’s shoulder to open them. Then there’s the new Doctor Strange skin, which is being introduced to promote Sam Raimi’s new Multiverse of Madness movie. It can be unlocked by purchasing the Battle Pass system or by purchasing separately using V-Bucks.

Earlier this week, the company pledged to support Ukraine during the ongoing war by offering humanitarian aid. From March 20 to April 3, 2022, all proceeds from in-game purchases would go to relevant people in the country.

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