‘Fortnite’ servers are down as Battle Royale game prepares for v18.10 update

The Fortnite servers are currently going through a period of scheduled downtime, as the next Season 8 update rolls out.

Fortnite Season 8 (aka “Cubed”) started just over two weeks ago and introduced a customizable Toona Fish character, an all-new battle pass, a revised punch card system, and a horde of monsters that inhabit Interdimensional anomalies scattered on the map.

The first major update of the season, v18.10, launches today, but details are a bit vague on what that might entail. According to reliable data miners, we may be getting some sort of collaboration between Epic Games and Hasbro’s Monopoly brand. If these leaks prove to be correct, the pieces in this board game (like the top hat and the race car) will be turned into cosmetic options for your avatar.

The arrival of an additional Point of Interest (POI) on the island is also planned for v18.10, along with new weapons and a long-awaited buff to the amount of XP you earn in online matches. This final section will address a source of contention that arose during the first few weeks of Fortnite Season 8, because fans noticed that they were not progressing as fast as before.

Regardless of the changes made by v18.10 Fortnite Season 8, a period of server downtime is required to implement them. This is why you currently cannot play battle royale or even start its home screen (it will just say “Servers not responding” if you try).

Downtime began at 4 a.m. ET on Tuesday, September 28, although matchmaking was disabled 30 minutes prior to that, to ensure no one was sent off in the middle of a match.

As for how long that downtime is, there hasn’t been an official word yet on the subject, but these updates typically take between 2 and 4 hours to roll out.

According to Fortnite Twitter account status – which provides timely bulletins on these things – v18.10 is a larger than normal patch size (especially on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch) so it could be more close to the 4 hour mark.

Once the servers are brought back online, you will need to download an update file to the system you are using to play Fortnite. At that time, the official patch notes will also be uploaded to the Epic Games website, providing greater clarity on what the update actually brought.

Related Fortnite Season 8 news, we’ve put together a guide explaining where you can find IO guards around the island, so that you can more easily complete your punch card quests.

The image shows the keyart of the battle pass for season 8 of “Fortnite”.
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