Fortnite Spider-Man skin revealed as Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass trailer leaks


The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass trailer was leaked, and in doing so, it revealed new characters, a new island and more, including the long-awaited Spider-Man skin. The trailer, presented in Polish, was mistakenly shared publicly on an official Fortnite channel and teased some of what players can expect in the new chapter. Consider this your spoiler warning.

The addition of Spider-Man has always been assumed to be only a matter of time given the close relationship between Epic and Marvel, and recently leaks said the webslinger will be showing up as early as next season. It turns out they were right. Not only is Spidey part of the Season 1 Chapter 3 battle pass, but some of his canonical New York comes to the island in the form of The Daily Bugle.

Along with the character reveals, you can also see hints about new features in the game, such as weather effects, separate biomes on a seemingly massive new map, a sliding mechanic, and reconstructed physics that allows trees to fall instead. than to disappear when cut. down. For a full translation of the Polish trailer narration, see the leaks.

“The island you once knew has rocked!

Welcome to Chapter 3, where you’ll find whole new places to explore and previously unknown ways to experience Fortnite. Start earning Battle Pass XP beyond Battle Royale. Play and level up at your leisure to unlock Battle Pass outfits, including Spider-Man!

New features are also to be discovered. Move faster around the map and dodge enemies with the new sliding mechanics. And even set up camps where you and your team will heal and store items between matches. Additionally, new weapons and items have been added to Fortnite to help you win the Victory Royale and the prestigious Victory Crown. Keep winning and keep it.

Besides these characteristics, the island is completely new. Explore the Sanctuary, Hidden House of the Seven, and Spider-Man – The Daily Bugle’s Quarter, as well as other locations. Remember that due to new weather conditions anything can happen. Also check out the Season 1 Chapter 3 Battle Pass where you’ll find Spider-Man, The Foundation, and other visitors.

What are you waiting for? Jump into Chapter 3 and explore a whole new island. We don’t know what you’ll find there. “

It’s a big leak, but it’s probably just the tip of the iceberg for Fortnite Chapter 3. Join us all weekend as we cover the Chapter 2 finale and the beginnings of Chapter 3, anytime.

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