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UPDATE: Fortnite Season 4 is live on all platforms. The new update introduces an all-new Battle Pass, featuring the Spider-Gwen skin, The Paradigm (played by Brie Larson), and a goth Meow. Elsewhere, Epic has added the Port-A-Bunker, which creates an “instant 1×1 structure with reinforced metal walls and more”. Sniper Rifles have received a boost and can once again shoot enemies with a headshot. Players can now find keys scattered around the island, which unlock vault doors containing valuable loot. Fortnite even seems to have pulled a leaf from Splatoon’s book, allowing users to go chrome for a limited time. Epic further explains: “You’ll be pure Chrome for a limited time, which means you’ll be immune to fire damage and…become a Blob. As a Blob, you’ll move faster, with no fall damage, and will gain the ability to fly Dash. Dash into any building piece to chrome it, then run through it!” Needless to say, the map got a major update as well. You can see the new map below.

“You will be pure Chrome for a limited time, which means you will be immune to fire damage and…become a Blob. any building element for the chrome-ifier, then iterate through it!”

ORIGINAL: Fortnite fans are counting down to the start of Chapter 3, Season 4. The new Fortnite season has a release date of September 18, while server downtime begins at 7:00 a.m. BST UK time. The offline maintenance coincides with the release of Update 22.00, which will add all the new features released as part of Season 4. Ahead of the start of the new season, the first patch notes have been revealed for the update 22.00.

As you can see from the patch notes below, Update 22.00 addresses some long-lasting fixes in Creative and Battle Royale.

Epic Games has confirmed plans to release a fix for grappling hook gloves not interacting with mutator zones in Creative.

Likewise, Epic will address an issue with vehicles clipping under the map on ground impact, as well as an issue involving radios in Creative Mode.

Even more exciting is the introduction of a new Battle Pass, with rewards like skins, gliders, harvesting tools, emotes, trails, and back-bling.

Judging by early teasers, Spider-Gwen from Into the SpiderVerse will be one of the new headline skins, alongside a chrome skin. You can watch the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass trailer below (unlocks 7:00am BST September 18).

Fans can also expect new points of interest, with rumors that a chrome zone could feature on the map.

Judging from the footage released ahead of the new season, players will be able to use a new sniper rifle, while supply drops and tornadoes are also likely to change.

Express Online will update this article with the full list of patch notes on the morning of September 18th. In the meantime, you can see the first patch notes below.

Fortnite Update 22.00 Patch Notes

Battle Royale fixes…

• Driving a vehicle can sometimes sneak under the map on ground impact

– Driving a vehicle can sometimes sneak under the map on ground impact

Creative fixes…

• Grapple Gloves can interact with Mutation Zones

– Grapple Gloves can interact with Mutation Zones in Creative Islands.

• Released island radios will play the default track when turned off

– The radio device will play music by default if it has been added to the island but the “Play for” options are set to “No”

Mobile and cloud fixes…

• The “Reset to last saved position” button in the HUD layout tool does not reset all buttons to the last saved position.

– When in the HUD layout tool, players may find that not all buttons will return to their previous position when clicking “Reset to Last Saved Position”.

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