Halo Infinite Battle Royale Game Mode Settings Potentially Leaked

Leaks have revealed new information about Halo Infinite hinting at a Battle Royale mode release by the end of 2022 which has been in development for years.

Dataminers and leaks suggest that Infinite Halo might have a Battle Royale mode after all, and it might see a release sooner than expected. Fans flocked to the free multiplayer of Infinite Halo when first released over six months ago. Players were able to unlock numerous cosmetics to distinguish their Spartans from each other while enjoying cross-platform multiplayer with PC players. Unfortunately, the timed events and unlockables in the Battle Pass failed to keep FPS fans interested in the sci-fi shooter for very long.

the Infinite Halo Multiplayer started off incredibly strong with record player numbers when it released a month before fans anticipated it. However, some delays and the lack of new maps caused many players to lose interest. 343 Industries continues to work hard on new multiplayer and single player content with new maps and modes coming soon Infinite Halo‘s multiplayer in Season 2. He also promised that the cooperative campaign and the highly customizable Forge mode will arrive in the following seasons. But leaks suggest that players will also be treated to a Battle Royale mode in one of the upcoming seasons.


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Previous rumors of Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode seems more likely after new information comes to light. Forbes reported twitter user leaks infinite_leaks, which released a lot of information about the rumored mode. Tweets suggest the mode has been codenamed Tatanka. Images and information detail customizable settings, mode options, and a player count that suggests bots will be featured in matches. The image below shows options for Respawn Drop Pods and Containment Zone Shrinkage, both of which feature prominently in other BR games like Apex Legends, fortniteand Call of Duty: Warzone. Other tweets from leaks_infinite suggest the mode could see 60-100 players and bots battling for supremacy in the mode, but like other leaks, time will tell what turns out to be true.

Leaks have been a problem for Infinite Halo even before its launch. Rumors have suggested multiplayer will be released early, and data miners have uncovered information that may see future content added, like Buzz Lightning– thematic cosmetics. However, the rumored Battle Royale mode has been hard to keep secret. Inside sources reported that the BR mode has been in development for over two years and that Infinite HaloBattle Royale mode is being worked on by a separate developer so that 343 Industries can continue to focus on new single and multiplayer content for Infinite.

New maps and multiplayer modes are coming May 3 in Infinite Halothe second season is planned. The two new maps, Catalyst and Breaker, seek to breathe some fresh air into multiplayer. Season 2 of InfiniteThe multiplayer is said to focus on a Lone Wolves theme, but rumors and speculation have fans expecting later seasons to include substantial content like the promised Forge mode, co-op campaign and now an all new Battle Royale mode. If the many teams behind Infinite Halothe development of is able to complete all the modes that these leaks suggest they are working on, then Halo fans will have plenty of new content to enjoy.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer is available for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows.

Sources: Forbes, leaks_infinite/Twitter

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