Halo Infinite Challenges, Battle Pass Patches Are Top Developer Priorities

According to 343 Industries design lead Jerry Hook, the team considers tackling Halo Infinite’s challenge and battle pass issues a top priority.

Addressing current progression issues Infinite Haloit is challenges and the battle pass are a top priority for the development team at 343 Industries. The studio’s head of design noted as many things following the ongoing battle pass talk Infinite Haloa grind that the vast majority of gamers agree continues to prove far too demanding.

The surprise release of Microsoft and 343 Industries from the Infinite Halo sequel online received a lot of applause a few weeks ago. The hype peaked when the title broke Xbox Game Studios records on Steam, as it peaked at an impressive 256,619 concurrent players on its second day of availability. But despite the excitement and generally positive first impressions, users were quick to report issues with the Battle Pass progression system. Currently, unlocking Battle Pass content requires XP which can only be earned through daily and weekly challenges. It’s tedious work to say the least, requiring an enormous amount of dedicated game time that most people simply don’t have on hand. Fortunately, 343 developers have already promised to re-evaluate Halo Infinite Battle pass.


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Responsible for the design of the 343 jerry hook (Going through COGConnected) recently took to Twitter to note that he too is “feel each other’s pain as you progress” While playing Infinite Halo multiplayer. As such, addressing this issue with the rest of the team is high on his to-do list. This comment echoes one from community developer Brian Jarrard, who told fans on November 16 that data was being collected in an effort to re-evaluate the Battle Pass progression system. Community manager John Junyszek shared similar sentiments in a tweet shortly after. The Hook message appears as follows:

These developer assurances could go a long way to restoring the community’s confidence that these and other issues will be resolved imminently. However, there is currently no guarantee that progress issues will have been satisfactorily resolved by the time Infinite Halo hits store shelves.

Microsoft and 343 launched the multiplayer suite earlier this month on November 15 to honor the 20th anniversary of the franchise and Xbox. Despite the problems described above, Halo devotees seem happy with what the experience has to offer. For now, however, the wait remains for the highly anticipated story campaign.

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Halo Infinite multipalyer is now available as a free gaming experience on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S; the full game will launch on December 8th.

Source: Hook Jerry/Twitter via COGConnected

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