Halo Infinite dataminers find an upcoming Battle Royale mode

Halo Infinite’s co-op mode may be delayed, but developer 343 Industries still has big plans for the award-winning shooter. Mid-season patches and updates are one thing, but it looks like a whole new game mode is in the works.

Famous Halo fan account @HaloHubGG has posted an intriguing datamine on Twitter, sharing a screenshot that apparently got passed around to a few different people. “It feels like a Warzone successor to Halo 5 with battle royale-like features,” says HaloHub. The ruleset includes “containment zones,” which look a lot like the ever-shrinking ring of a battle royale. Remember that nothing like this has been officially announced yet. That said, it could very well be the new mode that developer Certain Affinity is working on.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of potential Halo Infinite advance content. Forge leaked images from February showed custom biomes for the game’s existing maps. We know that Infinite will have a Forge mode, but it hasn’t gotten a street date yet.

If anything, all of these rumors and reports only reinforce the fact that 343 is looking to add a whole lot more to their game. With over 20 million players now, Halo Infinite is full of Spartans to keep them happy.

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