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Quality wingers have always made the difference between a good team and a great one in the FIFA series, and FIFA 22 is no different. With that in mind, here are the best wingers you should sign in FIFA 22 career mode.

Long before Ultimate Team picked up the FIFA series, Career Mode was the mode of choice for fans who wanted an authentic football experience. In FIFA 22, it’s getting a long-awaited overhaul, giving players the chance to build an entire club on their own.

But while the design of kits and stadiums is a nice addition, the players on the pitch are still what matters most.

Difficult wingers can be the secret to a successful squad, so here are the best you should sign in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

Best Wingers in FIFA 22 Career Mode

Wide players are fundamental to your team’s attack. Their pace, skill and crossing ability can turn the tide of a match and unlock stubborn defense.

Additionally, in many cases, wingers can be responsible for contributing as many goals as forwards. If your club is in the top league, having the best wingers in the world is an absolute must.

Luckily, EA’s FIFA 22 is full of large, talented men to take any team to the next level. Here are the best Career mode wingers of this year.

Player name Position Age club Global mark
Lionel messi RW 34 PSG 93
Cristiano Ronaldo LW 36 Manchester United 91
Neymar Jr. LW 29 PSG 91
Kylian Mbappé LW 22 PSG 91
Mohammed salah RW 29 Liverpool 90
Sadio Mane LW 29 Liverpool 89
Angel Di Maria LW / RW 33 PSG 87
Thomas muller RW 31 Bayern Munich 87
Rahim sterling LW / RW 26 Manchester city 88
Lorenzo Insigne LW 30 Naples 86
Riyad Mahrez RW 30 Manchester city 86
Serge Gnabry RW 25 Bayern Munich 86

Best young wingers

There are plenty of world-class wingers out there, but it’s the stars of tomorrow that make Career Mode so exciting. Watching a 17-year-old stranger grow into a superstar is what draws players in time and time again.

With the mode’s development system allowing team members to grow, it is sometimes better to think long term and recruit a youngster with a bright future rather than jump into a big name that is nearing the end of its life. career.

There is no shortage of prodigies in FIFA 22, so here is the younger generation of the best wingers in FIFA 22 Career mode that you should sign for your club.

Player name Position Age club
Kylian Mbappé LW 22 PSG
Federico chiesa RW / LW 23 Juventus
Phil foden LW 21 Manchester city
Mason frame RW 22 Chelsea
Federico valverde RW 22 real Madrid
Christian Pulisic RW / LW 22 Chelsea
Leon Bailey RW / LW 23 Aston Villa
Ferran Torres RW 21 Manchester city
Vinicius Júnior LW 20 real Madrid
Pedro Gonçalves RW 23 Sports CP
Moussa Diaby LW 22 Bayer O4 Leverkusen
Dejan Koulusevski RW 21 Juventus

The best cheap wingers

Whether you buy a star today or tomorrow, it’s likely going to consume a large chunk of your club’s transfer budget.

But if you’re a mid-table team trying to make your way to the top, or just looking to buy a reserve winger to play in Cup matches, it doesn’t always make sense to spend huge amounts of money. sums of money.

With so many players to choose from, it can be difficult to find a good deal that further strengthens your squad. Here’s our guide to the best cheap wingers you should sign.

Player name Position Age club
Mohamed taabouni LW 19 from A to Z
Morgan rogers LW / RW 18 Bornemouth
Yayah Kallon RW 20 Genoa
Luca Oyen LW 18 Genk
Cole palmer RW 19 Manchester city
Franco Orozco LW / RW 19 Lanús
Andreas Schjelderup LW 17 FC Nordsjælland
Jayden braaf LW / RW 18 Manchester city
Louis barry LW 18 Town of Ipswitch

These were our picks for the top wingers in FIFA 22 Career Mode, whatever type of player you’re looking for.

For more on FIFA 22, check out our similar guides to the best midfielders and defenders in this year’s game.

Image credits: EA


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