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Here are our favorite Fortnite collaborations and crossover skins, where characters, places and objects from the worlds of entertainment, games, movies and comics have made their way to the battle royale.

Fortnite is now well known for its incredible crossovers, where characters from an extremely diverse range of movies, video games, comics, and even real life come into the game.

What is the best Fortnite crossover?

While most of these crossovers are superhero themed, there are some notable additions from the world of entertainment and other video games as well. Some have been better than others, so we’re counting our top five in chronological order.

Batman – Chapter 1, Season 10

Fortnite’s first Batman crossover was a sign of the multiversal madness to come. Not only did we get skins for the classic Batman comic book and Christian Bale’s costume from the Dark Knight trilogy, but we also saw Gotham City as a POI.

The bustling streets of Chapter 1’s Tilted Towers turned dark and Gothic as they became Gotham City during the event. There were references galore as Joker graffiti lined the walls and you could even find the spot where Thomas and Martha Wayne met their fate. Grim, but a real treat for Batman fans.

Since then, Fortnite has worked with DC Comics to bring a ton of different skins to Battle Royale.

Ninja (and other Icon Series skins) – Chapter 2

Ninja skin in Fortnite

Love it or hate it, the arrival of popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins to Fortnite has been a game-changer. Ninja is arguably one of the reasons Fortnite blew up when he did, and now he’s forever honored in the game, getting both his “normal” look, as well as a more cartoonish masked version. .

Now, many other Fortnite creators such as Loserfruit, Lachlan, LazarBeam, and Bugha have received their own skins. While these streamers and their skins might not be your cup of tea, Epic Games working with the creators to implement them into the game is amazing, and it’s something we (and Dr. Disrespect) would love to see. in more games in the future.

Marvel’s Nexus War – Chapter 2, Season 4

Fortnite Season 4 Nexus War Marvel characters

Marvel characters had been featured in Fortnite before, but not at the Nexus War scale of Season 4. It was a full-blown Marvel-themed season, bringing in tons of characters such as Iron Man. , Storm, Thor and Wolverine in the Battle Pass.

Fortnite Island has also received a Marvel-themed overhaul, with Stark Industries and the Helicarrier both making appearances. Mythic items weren’t exactly balanced, but having the abilities of Marvel Heroes was a fun and welcome addition,

Taking down Galactus with Marvel’s Heroes was just great, so the season and event of Nexus War will always be considered one of the best in Fortnite.

Kratos & Master Chief – Chapter 2, Season 5

Kratos and Master Chief in Fortnite

We’re including Kratos and Master Chief together, as they both arrived around the same time as the flagship characters from PlayStation and Xbox.

The skins were extremely impressive as they were direct recreations of their looks from God of War (2018) and Halo, and the console-exclusive bonus styles were a nice touch.

While seeing these gruff and serious characters doing silly dances and riding around in miniature vehicles it took some getting used to, we loved seeing these two fan favorites in Fortnite.

Again, this paved the way for future crossovers, with Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Chris and Jill from Resident Evil also arriving in Fortnite.

Spider-Man – Chapter 3, Season 1

Fortnite Spider-Man No Way Home Package

Fortnite included a crossover with Spider-Man to celebrate No Way Home, which hit theaters shortly after Chapter 3 launched.

We can finally play both the comic book web-slinger and Tom Holland, but the real treat of this crossover event is his web-shooters. Getting around the Fortnite map like Spider-Man is incredibly easy and satisfying, and has really shaken up the format and mechanics of the game.

With the Spider-Man PS4 and Into The Spiderverse sequels on the way, we’d love to see these Web-Shooters make a comeback with more Spidey skins.

We expect a ton of other crossovers to arrive in Fortnite throughout 2022 and beyond, so stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for all the collaborations and how to get their skins.

You can also find out how to get the new Boba Fett skin which has been released to celebrate his upcoming Disney + series.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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