Halo Infinite doesn’t need a Battle Royale mode to beat Call of Duty and Battlefield

Compared to Avant-garde and 2042cards of, Infinite haloMultiplayer maps appear to be the product of a design process that values ​​personality as much as balance. So many other multiplayer maps sound like a shrug and vague movement used to say “get out there and have fun” as InfiniteThe cards appear to have been carefully designed with the entire player experience in mind.

This is also where Infinite haloThe cards clearly eclipse most battle royale cards. Many battle royale maps are designed to slowly force you into specific “zones”, destroying the illusion that these are those huge battlefields where anything can happen. These smaller areas simply cannot match the excellence of a well-designed shooting arena.

Halo Infinite benefits from a lack of loadouts, classes and heroes

games like Avant-garde, Battlefield 2042, and many modern battle royales are increasingly emphasizing the idea of ​​entering a match with certain weapon equipment or character classes that have their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Some do it better than others, but many of these mechanics ultimately result in a “meta” that can affect the outcome of a match before you start playing it.

Halo isn’t entirely immune to the meta-problem, but there’s something so refreshing about the idea that Infinite halo matches don’t feel like they’re subtly determined by the decisions you make even before the match starts. Everyone starts out with a fairly even playing field, which is one of those concepts that’s meant to be a mainstay of the battle royale genre.

While I understand why modern developers are emphasizing loadouts, classes, and hero abilities in order to appeal to competitive players obsessed with meta, moving away from that mentality for a while helps you realize that these elements don’t need to impact a modern multiplayer experience.

Halo Infinite is a shocking polish Multiplayer experience

If you had told me that Infinite halomultiplayer would launch soon after all of the game’s development issues and would be more polished than Avant-garde and Battlefield 2042, I would have pitied your optimism.

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