Halo Infinite will take on the unpopular Battle Pass


343 Industries says it is considering the progression of combat passes for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer following the rather negative response from players.

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While there had been many rumors before, the anticipated launch of Infinite haloMultiplayer was always a pleasant surprise, and fans wasted no time in getting started. In less than a day, it became the most popular Xbox game title ever released on Steam, beating Forza Horizon 5. However, there is one major point of contention that fans have with multiplayer, particularly its Battle Pass.

Unlike battle passes in most online multiplayer games, Infinite haloBattle Passes never expire, so players never have to worry about not having time to unlock all of their content or running out of content by starting late. However, players quickly noticed that the game is rather stingy when handing out XP for the Battle Pass. Players don’t earn XP just by playing the game; it can only be earned by completing specific challenges (some of which are also buggy and don’t track progress properly).


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Infinite haloMultiplayer has only been available for a few days at the time of this writing, so it’s still in its infancy and subject to change. In fact, developer 343 Industries seems to be fully aware of fan complaints. Brian Jarrad, the studio’s community director, said in a thank-you tweet that the team is studying Battle Pass progress and collecting data from recent sessions. It also asks players to continue to provide feedback and report any bugs or issues they may find.

Infinite halo Joseph Staten retweeted Jarrad’s comments, reiterating how closely 343 takes a very close look at the progression of combat passes. While not an official confirmation, it looks like 343 is considering making adjustments to how progress is made in the Battle Pass. It remains to be seen whether that means granting XP for just playing matches or making the challenges shorter.

As for the full game, it’s on track to launch in early December and while it will lack a few key features, Infinite haloCampaign mode is enough to get some fans excited. More details on the campaign’s gameplay and story were shared recently, highlighting a number of new characters. Master Chief will be joined by a new AI companion to replace Cortana, and her fight against the Banished will lead to encounters with new opponents like a Spartan killer and a mysterious new antagonist who calls himself the Harbinger of the Truth.

Infinite halo launches on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S on December 8.

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