Halo Leaker Provides Infinite Battle Royale Update

Infinite Halo had one of the biggest launches in franchise history, and for good reason. The early release of the game multiplayer beta was a welcome surprise, and now that it’s officially dropped with its campaign in tow, the title has been a massive treat for new and old fans alike.

343 Industries’ game offers great variety and has earned its big launch. But, fans are still wondering – where is the battle royale mode that was rumored around the game’s reveal? Well, after some research on the leaks, we might finally find out.

What’s going on with Halo Infinite Battle Royale?

A leaker offered an update on what’s going on with the suggestion Halo battle royale mode, and sadly, that sounds like bad news.

Although a voice line in the game files indicated that a battle royale mode was in the works at some point in development, it doesn’t look like a fortnite Where war zone competitor is in preparation.

It was revealed that Certain Affinity was working on a new mode for Infinite Halotaking the reins of 343 Industries, but to defy the odds they are working on what is said to be an “Invasion 2.0” mode.

An early leak shared by Surasia suggested BR is coming, but they seem to think things don’t quite match up and the long-awaited mode isn’t in development at all.

Does Halo Infinite need a Battle Royale?

Realistically, Infinite Halo has been so incredibly successful that it doesn’t really need its own dedicated Battle Royale mode – but to be perfectly honest, they’d be silly not to be at least considering this. The global gaming phenomenon has been proven to explode every time, and it would present itself as a big missed opportunity if they chose to let the fad pass.

After all, any shooter franchise with any real stand on the industry in 2021 has its own BR mode, and Halo would certainly be welcome to join them.

Infinite Halo has been absolutely massive so far, and there’s no telling what heights the franchise could reach with a popular Battle Royale mode. We’ll have to wait and see if it comes to life, but until then we’ll have to keep wishing.

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